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Christians urged to join and cleanse politics

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Christians have been told to stop lamenting about how dirty politics is, but to contest for political positions and make a difference.

The call was made by Kampala Diocesan Secretary Rev. Canon John Awodi in his New Year sermon delivered at All Saints Cathedral Nakasero. He said that 2020 is a determining year for those vying for political positions and urged even those that have had painful political experiences in the past, to make another try.

According to Rev. Awodi, it important for every Christian to participate in politics and chose their leaders rather than standing to complain about bad leadership.

“It’s important for us Christians to stand in these positions. I want to encourage you to vote. It’s because of shying away from these political positions that make us complain of bad leadership,” Rev. Awodi said.

Reverend Awodi also counselled Christians against being prisoners of the past, despite the bad experiences they might have faced.

He said that the past year has put both tears and smiles on the faces of Ugandans. He reminisced the death toll as a result of floods that devastated various parts of the country, the abduction and horrifying murder of social worker Maria Nagirinya and her driver Ronald Kitayimbwa, a boda-boda rider among others, as the most shocking and hair-raising moments that left Ugandans sad in 2019.

Nevertheless, Rev. Awodi says there were other good things that happened and lightened up moments for Ugandans including the revival of Uganda Airlines.

According to Rev. Awodi, it is not good for Christians to dwell on the bad situations in their lives especially in the past year citing they only can prevent the fulfilment of God in their hearts.



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