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Cheptegei, Kiplimo ready to conquer New York half marathon


Ready to conquer New York. Cheptegei all set. PHOTO @NNRunningTeam

✳ SUNDAY – New York City Half Marathon 2.00pm

New York, US | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | When long-distance aces Joshua Cheptegei and Jacob Kiplimo appear at an event these days, fans expect nothing but fireworks from the Ugandans.

The two runners have cemented their places as the giants of long distance running, and fans of the New York City half marathon will Sunday expect another thrilling duel. (see live video bottom)

Cheptegei has already won nearly everything available on the track in the past 4 years, and sees the race as part of his plans to transition from track running to road racing in the near future.

Kiplimo’s first steps to glory came off the track, and it can be said that is where his greatest strength is as he has been bridesmain to Cheptegei at key events on track. Road racing is his favorite and he hopes to defend his title as the World Record holder for the half marathon.

Kiplimo holds the world half marathon record from Lisbon. The 22-year-old ran the race (20 at the time) in 57:31 two years ago. On February 18, he won the 2023 Bathurst World Cross Country Championships to indicate his emergence as the king of off track running.

“Running side by side with your country mate, especially the one the opponents fear most is an advantage in terms of the game plan during the race,” Kiplimo told the Uganda Radio Network in Kapchorwa before he left.

Cheptegei commends the joint training as a strategy for better performance at the most Cherished half marathon event.

According to Cheptegei, merging their preparation program is a sign of brotherhood in the sport despite their affiliations with different international management athletics teams. “Merging the training schedule ahead of the event also shows our international management agencies, that sports is a unifying factor,” he said.

Cheptegei and Kiplimo training in New York. PHOTO VIA @BenSorowen

Addy Ruiter, who is Cheptegei’s coach says the duo are in a better position to deliver better results.

He said the training schedules they have been following in Kapchrowa before they left, were specifically designed for the race they are going for.

“Their bodies responded positively and they are now good to do something good for themselves,” he added.

Kiplimo’s coach Patrick Cheboto made it clear that the training sessions were planned by the two management teams so that they can register positive results.

“They have been always together and that’s what is going to give them a chance to triumph at many competitions,” said Cheboto.




Kiplimo beats Cheptegei to win World title

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