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Can we give Uganda airlines a second chance!


Uganda Airlines facing new challenges, but the future is bright

COMMENT | Samson Tinka | Ugandans like amplifying bad news. In fact, false, bad news, factious, inaccurate news circulate like wild fire, especially on social media.

It is a trend one observes even in traditional media, especially the major TV stations. The good news really struggles to find its way into the headlines, yet there is plenty of good news amidst cases of bad, right across the country, daily.

Back to Uganda airlines, from late April 2021, it’s been largely twist after twist in generally negative stories about the baby Uganda airlines. Whether true, false, half true, completely false, let’s appreciate that this is our baby who ought to be supported to crawl, stand, walk and run.

As any other child, during this process, you need a wall to hold on in order to stand, take a step, and start running. Sometimes, the baby falls but certainly will stand and walk or run again.  Sometimes, the fall can be serious that bleeding and wounds become inevitable.

As a country, lets support the mighty Uganda airlines to continue walking and this support can be inform of buying tickets, writing and producing the little or much good news about our own airline.

It should not be forgotten that this airline has been hit by COVID-19 which came with travel restrictions including closing of airspace by many countries especially early last year.

By far, the travelers’ figures of Uganda airlines have been largely impressive with a positive curve especially on the Nairobi, Juba and Mogadishu routes.

The reviews by travellers have been excellent from food, cabin crew services, timekeeping, housekeeping etc. These nice reviews alone are good enough to be given a full page in any daily newspaper. When shall we appreciate small milestones achieved?

Let’s appreciate that over 90 % of both technical, administrative and EXCO members are Ugandans. Employment is a bigger challenge in this country and the region at large. When such an airline is I place offering jobs to its own nationals, it’s good enough to be appreciated.

The same airline returned Ugandans from west, south, and east of Africa when the world was on stand still during the start of the COVID pandemic.I remember I wrote an article on 30th July 2020 thanking Uganda airlines. I

Traveller were stranded all across the continent, including in Nigeria. I remember one gent who would cry every night while talking to 3 year old daughter. The guy had travelled to Abuja for a business meeting in March only to return in July. It was hell to him. When he touched down at Entebbe airport, it was like returning from hell to heaven. We can’t forget so easily like this.

Currently there is a new team put in place, they need support not detractions.

I watched panorama story on a Ugandan TV station on June 21, and wondered why they cannot provide the same space and prime time for promoting Uganda airlines? Let’s not kill our baby.

Certainly I know I will criticized for taking the side that looks at a brighter future and promise for the airline, but its ok, it is in my view time for promoters not doubters, haters, and doubting Thomas’s.

When COVID-19 is defeated, I am sure Uganda airlines will not lie on its stomach. It will keep the Ugandan flag up in the sky. As a previous traveller, I put my hand up that the national airlines will be an asset towards vision 2040. Let’s support it.


 Samson Tinka is a safety and security consultant | Director Matts Secure Solutions Ltd tindsam@yahoo





  1. Bravo Uganda Airlines. Thank you Tinka.
    I follow on flightradar24 and there is always a Uganda Airlines plane either to EBB or from EBB to somewhere across.
    Ugandans love Uganda and all that pertains to it, you have no other country.
    For God And My Country.

  2. Prof Vincent Kakembo

    You’re quite right Mr Yinka. I flew Uganda Airlines to Johannesburg a few days ago and I was impressed by the professionalim displayed by the crew & technical staff. I was so relieved of waiting at airports either at Addis or Nairobi. It was a very smooth 4 hour flight to JhB.

  3. Thank You David

  4. Thank You Vincent. We appreciate your compliments

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