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You can sense trouble in your vehicle

Motorists are advised to be alert to any unusual smells, noises and other tell-tale signs that your vehicle could be experiencing a problem. The ability to pick out these warning signs can help you keep on top of any required car maintenance and potentially mitigate future breakdowns or costly car repairs.

  • Pay attention to what you see

One of the easiest ways for a driver to identify a car problem is if they see it for themselves. The following are classic signs that vehicle maintenance is required: Smoke from the car’s exhaust, smoke from under the car’s bonnet, and fluid under your car.

  • Follow your nose

If you smell anything unusual, check it out. If you suspect it is abnormal seek assistance. Do not simply continue on your journey. The following are common smell signs that vehicle maintenance is required: If you smell hot oil while driving, if you smell fuel inside the car, if you smell electrics burning, if you can smell the exhaust of your car.

  • Don’t ignore your ears

Motorists should instinctively know how their vehicle normally sounds. Should a strange vehicle sound be detected, drivers should look to see its source. If it looks like a problem, get it diagnosed and rectified without delay. A well maintained car will last for hundreds of thousands of kilometers if properly maintained. There are a few car noises you should listen out for: A car backfiring, squealing while driving, clicking or popping reverberating from the front end of your car, and metal on metal knocking sound from the vehicle’s engine

  • React to what you feel

If something does not feel right when you are driving, it probably means that it’s not. It is important to trust your senses. The following signs are common: A shudder when breaking your car, a pulling sensation while driving, a clicking or popping reverberating from the front end of your car, a metal on metal knocking sound from the vehicle’s engine

To recap, from a safety and economical perspective, motorists should be alert to anything out of the ordinary when it comes to their car. Motorists should also carry out regular car maintenance checks and follow their car’s servicing schedule.

If you do happen to sense abnormal smells, noises or any of the signs above from your car, be sure to seek assistance.


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