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Cabinet approves national teacher policy

Ofwono Opondo at media center addressing about the national teacher policy. PHOTO via  

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Cabinet has approved the national teachers’ policy. The policy aims to streamline teachers’ management for better productivity, discipline, retention and motivation.

The policy is further expected to strengthen pre-service and in-service teacher training so as to enhance competence to effectively deliver quality learning outcomes and leadership at all levels of the education cycle.

It’s also expected to standardise teacher development, qualifications and practice across all levels of education and to streamline the integration of cross-cutting issues into all aspects of teacher training, management and practice at all levels of the education system.

Government spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo on Tuesday while addressing journalists at media centre says the policy will be implemented in both government and private schools under the supervision of the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Opondo says private schools will be required to give all teachers contracts with stipulated terms. Private schools will also be required to put in place programmes to enable teachers pursue further education at ease.

The 2017 policy was developed with technical support from the UNESCO, International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA) under the Capacity Development for Education Programme.

The drafting of the policy started with the process of reviewing, consolidating and updating various teacher policies for effective teacher management and delivery of education services.

The policy was informed by a wider programme on teachers’ initiative in Sub-Sahara Africa also supported by UNESCO. A report published under this programme in 2013 titled teacher issues in Uganda recommended a holistic national teacher policy.

Key priorities of the policy will include; first, establishment of the National Teachers’ Council by an act of parliament to professionalise the teaching profession. The council will be responsible for registration of teachers, licencing and accreditation of teachers.

It will also establish the Uganda National Institute of Teacher Education to provide leaders in capacity development and training of tutors. The institute will implement the initial teacher training and capacity development framework.

Development and implementation of standards of teaching, institutional leadership and a teaching qualification framework will also be a priority in the policy.



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