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Bobi Wine’s dangerous duplicity

Focus is on Kyagulanyi and wife Barbie’s actions ahead of the polls. FILE PHOTO @Mywedug1

What the evacuation of his family from Uganda before elections reveals about Uganda’s musician turned politician Kyagulanyi

THE LAST WORD | ANDREW M MWENDA | In 2018, I appeared on Frontline program of NBS television with Bobi Wine. In the heat of the debate he said that if there were chaos in Uganda, I would be the first person to board a plane and run to exile. He said for him he has nowhere to go because his only home is Uganda. Right? This week Bobi Wine evacuated his entire family to the safety of America. Please note that he did not send them to Kenya or Rwanda or Tanzania, who are our immediate neighbours. He sent them to far away America. Why?

Bobi Wine is not a Ugandan or African project. He is a foreign project to impose a particular set of values on the people of Uganda. Why has Bobi Wine shipped his family to America before the election? Does he know something most of his unsuspecting supporters and others Ugandans do not? No presidential candidate in Uganda’s history has ever done this: not Yoweri Museveni in 1980, not Paul Semogerere in 1980 and 1996, not Kizza Besigye in 2001, 2006, 2011 or 2016, no one. Why Bobi Wine and why now?

There are two reasons: first I have intelligence, most of it collected independently, that Bobi Wine and those close to him are plotting mass violence if they lose the election. They have convinced themselves that they have already won. That January 14th 2021 will just be a confirmation of this, their victory. They are therefore not ready or willing to accept any outcome other than victory. So they will either have to be declared winners or President Yoweri Museveni will have stolen their votes. And they have decided they will resist such theft by a mass insurrection. It is because Bobi Wine knows he has set in motion a series of activities of chaos and wants to save his family and his family alone.

Whatever criticism of Kizza Besigye and his FDC, there was some moral restraint in that party

There is a second strategic risk to Uganda from NUP in regard to post election violence. Whatever criticism of Kizza Besigye and his FDC, there was some moral restraint in that party. Around Besigye there were at different times powerful mature people who could exercise restraint on him and his more militant youth supporters. Such men as Mugisha Muntu, Sam Njuba, Richard Kaijuka, Wafula Oguttu, Augustine Ruzindana, John Kazoora, Morris Ogenga Latigo, Ronald Reagan Okumu, Kasiano Wadri, Abdul Katuntu, etc. always acted as pillars of restrain.

This is not the case with NUP. The entire organisation is led and dominated by young, aggressive, immature, inexperienced angry youths most of them with little or nothing to lose. There are no such powerful figures as I have mentioned above to provide breaks on the actions of the group. Thus when planning to incite violent riots, NUP lacks mature minds to advise and restrain its militants to exercise caution or restraint. This is a toxic mixture of youthful exuberance and inexperience that presents Uganda with a serious security risk.

One point is clear though: for all his claims to care about the people of Uganda, he has only taken care of his family. But what does Bobi Wine think about other Ugandans whose children cannot be evacuated as he has done his? Does he think only his family deserves safety? Don’t other Ugandans, especially those who are supporting him, with families deserve protection? If he thinks elections are such a danger, why involve so many Ugandans in them?

Even before being elected, Bobi Wine has mapped himself as being special from other Ugandans. There are other presidential candidates who have not chosen the escape route. There are myriads of his supporters who have no such luxury of taking their families abroad. Is it not his responsibility as their leader to ensure that they and their families will be safe? Only by keeping his family in Uganda would Bobi Wine have demonstrated his confidence in the future of this country, a future which he claims to be fighting for and is asking everyone to sacrifice for. And only by keeping his family in Uganda would he show that he is in this fight with all Ugandans.

NUP activists seek the total destruction of their opponents, real and imagined

What we now can see is that Bobi Wine does not care about Uganda or Ugandans. Bobi Wine cares only about Bobi Wine and his family. If he had a grand vision of Uganda and the people of Uganda, he would no organize to burn down the country if he loses an election. And he and his confederates are organizing to burn down Kampala in the aftermath of electoral defeat. Indeed, many of the young people who surround him are not democrats seeking freedom for Ugandans as they claim. They are power hungry politicians looking for an opportunity to put their fingers into the national till to loot it – just like the NRM they criticise. That is why they are intolerant of any criticism of their boss.

In a democracy, the opponents seek to defeat not to destroy each other. NUP activists seek the total destruction of their opponents, real and imagined. Indeed, they see their opponents as enemies. Never before has our country ever experienced this kind of radical extremism. In any case, NUP activists do not mind forging, lying, bullying, and doing every dirty thing to get their way. And they are quick to employ psychological and physical violence against their opponents.

The good news is that Bobi Wine has exposed his true colours (selfishness and cowardice) to the people of Uganda by evacuating his family. But it has also exposed his plans to wreck havoc and instigate chaos. Bobi Wine claimed if there is trouble in Uganda I will be the first to run to exile. Well I am in Uganda and I will stay put in Uganda. I will not evacuate my family, including my little grand kids from this country. I will stay put because I don’t have anywhere else to go. This is the only country I have.

But also, I choose to stay in Uganda because I trust the capacity of the state of Uganda and contain the chaos and violence that Bobi Wine and his surrogates are planning. On January 14th, and contrary to Bobi Wine’s plans, not a single stone will be thrown in Kampala. Whoever dares knows or should know the evil that will be visited upon them. Uganda has built sufficient political and security infrastructure to neutralise the plots of NUP activists.



  1. The Republic of Uganda needs an old hand to run the affairs and take care of the pressing needs that also requires God’s intervention.

  2. “Only by keeping his family in Uganda would Bobi Wine have demonstrated his confidence in the future of this country, a future which he claims to be fighting for and is asking everyone to sacrifice for.”

    Bobi Wine cannot keep his family in Uganda at this time. He has already received $40 Million from his sponsors who wanted a regime change in Uganda. Having provoked so much bloodshed in the country by planning for the riots before his arrest, he is running out of tricks and time is against him. He has to save his family by feigning victimhood and take them out of the country to live on the money his sponsors had given him. The relocation of the family was most appropriately pre-arranged. The guy should be investigated for money laundering both in the country he is relocating his family to as well as in Uganda. The families of the people he duped that he was running a political campaign should ask him to compensate them for the lives of those he sacrificed. He has not sacrificed any member of his family or close relatives. It is only the hoodwinked and blinded supporters who are counting costs in the lives of their loved ones whom Bobi Wine used as cannon fodder for sacrifice and as his human shield whenever he provoked and defied the security forces. Each life lost in the vicinity where Bobi Wine was allegedly campaigning was offered as a human sacrifice for him to save his own life. Christians are responsible for praying for the country to overcome the attacks of the devil orchestrated through his agent Bobi Wine.

    • Genesis: 9:8-17
      Sometimes we are the perpetrators; sometimes we are the victims; we can even be the passive bystanders. But if we believe that every human being is created in the image of God (Gen. 1:27), then there is inherent value in every person that is worth recognizing, worth recalling, worth standing up for—from the unborn to the elderly; from our neighbors to those on the other side of the world; from the weak and vulnerable even to those who would murder and oppress them.(By Daniel Davis)

      1. Accountable for the Image of God (Gen. 9:5-6)
      2. Praise for God’s Gift of Life (Ps. 139:13-16)
      3. Value God’s Gift of Life (Prov. 1:10-11,15-16,18)
      4. Protect God’s Gift of Life (Prov. 24:10-12)

    • On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

      Read more about blood guilt then you will be able to write sense…the eaters of flesh and the drinkers of blood are the very people you claim are holier than thou. Woe to the wicked! It will go badly with him, For what he deserves will be done to him…Isaiah 3:11.

      • The devil worshipper Bobi Wine will not win this election despite sacrificing the best of his duped supporters.

        • On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

          And you think Museveni the devil worshipper will win on Godly standards!!!!! Watch and wait for God’s judgement on the unrepentant devil worshipper.

          • He he he! Religious witchcraft won’t help you. Bobi Wine has been exposed as a devil worshipper beyond repair. His army dressed in red colour and red beret is especially for bloodletting and human sacrifice. Just listen to how he sings openly about the devil. However, the devil hasn’t got any power to give Bobi Wine, that’s for sure! and you can take that to the bank.

  3. O Uganda May GOD Uphold Thee.

  4. If what you say is true, how did we get there?
    I heard your list of statistical figures on Capital FM on 9th January
    i may clock 61 years, God willing, and i ask you looking through that prism, “the black of the eye”

  5. As good parents, we know our children are a gift from God – a gift that comes with responsibility. Our job is to raise them with righteous standards (Psalm 127:3, Deuteronomy 6:6-7). Child discipline, then, is not about punishing wrong behavior as much as it is about setting a course. Proverbs 22:6 says, “Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Laying a good foundation is essential in raising loving, moral, well-disciplined children.

  6. It’s the NRM government that invented the system. Mwenda alway supported the system. You reap what you saw.

  7. How can he say that M7’s family was in Uganda during the struggle and that Besigye’s family was also in Uganda? For your information Mwenda, M7’s family was in Kenya and Sweden between 1980 and 1986. Winnie Byanyima and her son were in USA so who are you fooling? Bobi’s family has been here throughout, until M7 govt started either killing, torturing or arresting people close to him. The next desperate step was to kidnap or kill his children. The fact that he has only just taken his children out, days before elections, makes him far stronger than M7 or Besigye.

  8. Asaasira Derrick Bond

    Mwenda is a disgrace to Uganda. M7 family went to Sweden. Besigye family been always abroad …& we all agree now that all eyes are on Bobi.

  9. All the examples you’ve given especially Besigye and you Mr Mwenda, you’re the system! Why evacuating your families? Who can touch you? Stop fooling people. You people who are talking, we even don’t know where your children and grandchildren are, they may be in Europe or somewhere.
    Whether Kyagulanyis family is Uganda, is in America, is on Jupiter or Mars, he has my vote come 14th Jan.

  10. Erick Eling Chahasi

    Andrew Mwenda i think whoever advised him (Bobi Wine) to evacuate his family to another safer territory misadviced him i agree with you but you should also remember Museveni sometime back flew his daughter to Germany to give birth using a Presidential jet funded by tax payers money and when museveni was asked why he did that, his answer was that he did not trust his own medical doctors who were not experienced to handle his daughter at the birth bay. It is museveni who set that precedence. Don’t blame bobi our grandfather M7 should be blamed, and on foreigners backing bobi wine unless you come from another plannet no one can win an election without having foreign friends , even museveni for him to become a president he had to seek foreign backing from europe and tanzania now that he has fallen out with them he has started the blame games as he is known for. Do some research on your history my good friend Andrew. No one has the intention of burning down the country but we’re just calling for a free, fair and credible election and we shall demand for it through peacefull avenues.

  11. I have always followed my friend Andrew, but i think sometimes the handpicks he gets from mzee makes him blind in his own articles. Look at the example he has used, it makes me think that he is nolonger the bloggers of this paper. He shamelessly deprive off its credibility all the time he refers to anything in connection to opposition candidates

  12. And there we are …if you ever doubted that Mwenda is a regime sympathiser and apologist, this article settles the case for his detractors accusing him of being a shill for Museveni. Mwendas articles are biased, & poorly written. You cannot say Wine does not care about Uganda when M7 has done myriads of atrocities to this country for 35 years.
    – What killings and loss of life has been ordered by Bobi?
    _ Who has Bobi Wine tortured?
    _ How much government money has Bobi wine stolen?
    – How many relatives of Bobi wine have been appointed to government office?
    When Besigye ran against M7, Mwenda had a plethora of accusations, real and imagined for why Besigye should not be president. Now he has started waxing sentimental for Besigye who of course is not a threat to M7 any more and turned to Wine. Do you all see a pattern here ? I will bet the readers here that if Mao & Tumukunde , who are probably the most intelligent and capable of all the candidates, were to become very popular, you would see Mwenda accusing Mao of being incompetent etc etc

  13. Round up the dude and his bayaye beat the hell out them.

    • But Kayumba, your advise makes you a worse muyaye. Remember it is your degenerate regime, which created the bayaye you are complaining.

  14. Mwenda “On January 14th, and contrary to Bobi Wine’s plans, not a single stone will be thrown in Kampala. Whoever dares knows or should know the evil that will be visited upon them. ” Burger just. Tell
    Me of an impartial and analytical journalist who write like that? This burger has downgraded himself so much.

  15. By the time a section of the population turns to support the kind of person that you describe (duped) in preference to the righteous and mighty, then there is a puzzle (Psalm 142:3-7). slowly but surely some individuals have evolved with traits (Proverbs 16:5)
    Get out of the tunnel, analyze the plight (James 3:13,17). you will gradually start seeing throgh the prism “little people” (proverbs 14:31; Romans 12:2) and Finally smile from ear to ear (Psalm 72:3-4)

    • Even the devil quotes scriptures. The devil quoted scriptures to Jesus.

      • that is great
        some times the devil tells the truth, this Jesus of yours is different from the leper healing man of galilee
        don’t worry the truth will set man free
        one uses scriptures with hope that those indifferent to suffering can get a better view
        have you ever stopped for a minute to think of the people whose lively hoods were destroyed between 1981 to 1986? this devil here is speaking on their behalf and for those whose lives ended[a self sustaining community]. now get real
        May you live long to reflect on what you say

  16. These young people should take some studies internal relations

  17. Mwenda is fearing the unknown if his Unkles tyrant regime looses power.

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