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Benita Acaye; Interior designer

By the Indepenent Team

After five years of frustration while while working for other people, Benita Acaye made a bold decision to venture out on her own. She launched Bae Interiors in 2009 to create intentional, fresh and personalized spaces for her clients. She got the freedom she craved for to follow her individual creative vision at her own, much faster pace. “I had always thought of myself as a self-starter and leader, and five years after being employed I took on self employment in something I am passionate about,” says Acaye.  She started her business with meager capital of Shs 5 million with a focus on homes of the corporate class. Later, she expanded her scope to include restaurants and hotels.   Acaye drives her design inspiration from all over the place; books, magazines, the internet, shops and her relatives.

Success tips: Be open to learn, stay up to date

Acaye says interior designing takes much more than just the physical outlook of the space. She credits creativity as the origin of the desire to pursue a career in interior design. “Beyond color, fabrics, furniture and schematics, successful interior designers have an innate ability to imagine spaces that their clients cannot. It creates interest and excitement, especially for the client,” she explains.  “When you think and believe that you know it all, you are setting yourself up for failure and opening up a window of opportunity for someone else to come in and complete the task at hand.”

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