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Archbishop Odama asks world to condemn Russian aggression, violence on Ukraine

Archbishop Odama. File Photo

Gulu, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The world should come together to condemn and stop Russia’s aggression on Ukraine, the Northern Uganda Peace icon and Archbishop of Gulu Archdiocese, John Baptist Odama has appealed.

On February 24th, the Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin declared a special military operation against Ukraine, something Odama has described as dehumanizing and uncivilized.

Odama played a key role in the 2006 Juba Peace Talks between the government and the rebel Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) leaders, which subsequently ended the decade-long insurgency in Northern Uganda.

According to Odama, going to war is a sign of backwardness at a time when humanity has advanced in civilization and does not need any more bloodshed.

Odama, who was speaking to URN from Gulu city on Ash Wednesday noted that humans have learned from the history of the war in Northern Uganda, World War I and II among others that these are never solutions to any problem.

He described Russian President Putin as a leader of respect who should not promote war to diminish his level of being a world leader and asked him to keep his dignity by respecting Ukraine.

He also called on peace-keeping bodies such as the United Nations to prevent further invasion of Ukraine by facilitating peace talks and also condemning the manufacture of weapons of war.

“Stop war, war never again in the world. All those who are manufacturing tools of war stop them, stop them. May God intervene, that is my prayer, may God intervene in this situation so that people realize their mistakes and say sorry,” he said.

Referring to Pope Francis message of the Lenten Period, Bishop Odama noted that the world should not grow tired of doing good to humanity by preaching goodness, love, solidarity, and justice.

Reverend Father Justine Erick Uma, the Parish Priest of Holy Rosary, asked world leaders to be non-violent, avoid conflict and seek dialogue in order to promote peace whenever they have disagreements.



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