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Ali-shah Jivraj; electronics entrepreneur

By the Independent Team

Ali-shah Jivraj is the brain behind Royal Electronics, a company that assembles and distributes electronic home appliances such as TV sets and radios among others in Uganda. He estimates his annual business revenues at $15 million.   Jivraj had a knack for business that dates back to his youth. “I knew I would be a business person because I always had an open eye for business. I would save pocket money and buy small articles like biscuits, sweets and other materials and re-sell to my classmates in school for a small margin,” he says.

Success tips; do it yourself, value clients

Since 2006 when he started Royal Electronics, Jivraj has always worked out his dreams personally with the support of his employees.

“It is important for one to dream but you don’t have to part with a penny to dream. Let no one tell you something is not possible. Do it yourself, fail and learn but don’t let someone else determine its success or failure for you. Only you can,” says Jivraj.  He notes that the company has always relied on providing the best quality of electronic appliances with a mix of personal customer care.   “In Uganda, the key is to provide a great product or service at a price, lower than what is available in the market. But you must never compromise on quality. If you can do that, you will thrive.”

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