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Aga Khan Foundation ready to support Govt skilling plans

Aga Khan Foundation ready to help Uganda in skills development

The Country Director for Aga Khan Foundation in Uganda Akim Okuni has urged the government of Uganda to consider partnering with them to effectively deliver government programmes.

Okuni was speaking to The Independent on the sidelines of the East Africa Civil Society Initiative for skilling entrepreneurs in Uganda in Kampala on May 25. Over 100 entrepreneurs and other participants attended the one-day meeting.

Okuni listed programmes such as the Youth Livelihood Programme, the Women Development programmes, Operation Wealth Creation programme as some of the ventures that the Aga Khian Foundation could be sub-contracted to ensure effective implementation. This would help deliver the programmes in line with government’s development agenda as embedded in Vision 2040 and the National Development Plan.

Uganda is listed as one of the most entrepreneurial countries in the world with approx. 80% of the labour force being self- employed.

But government programmes designed to fight unemployment and poverty in the country have on several occasions been marred by mismanagement and corruption.

“The youth lack the necessary skills to do various jobs,” Okuni noted, “That is one of the areas that government and other actors need to think about partner involvement.”

He said research shows that most businesses in Uganda do not go beyond their first year because of the challenges yet analysts praise the country for being endowed with supporting resources such as land, youthful population, oil and gas, peace and security which are instrumental in spearheading economic activities.

“I know government is a big player in all these things but it can’t work alone,” Okuni said, the Foundation is ready to partner for the good of everyone.”

In Uganda, the Aga Khan Foundation has registered success stories in its investment areas of education, health, telecommunication, media, hospitality and others.

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