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Woman in Mukono detained over child sacrifice

Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigire confirmed report.

Mukono, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Esther Nankya, 29, a resident of Kikubankima in Mukono municipality is in police custody on allegations of killing her two children in suspected human rituals. The deceased children are Shaban Kamoga, 6 years and Ramathan Lubega, 3 years.

It is alleged that the minor’s father Musa Kamya returned home and didn’t find anyone to open for him the gate. He decided to call his wife on the phone but she claimed that she was unwell prompting Kamya to open the gate. According to Kamya, when he entered the house, he was welcomed by the lifeless bodies of his children lying in a pool of blood in their living room. Between the bodies was a bible.

Kamya raised an alarm which attracted other residents who reported the incident to Mukono Central Police Station. The officers protected Nankya from the wrath of the angry residents. Denis Kirya, the area defense secretary says that Nankya looked like she was demon possessed by the time they arrived at Kamya’s home and they found a hard time containing her.

The village LCI vice chairperson, Kalebu Bbongole has appealed to the government to streamline the process of establishing new churches in the area. According to Kalebu, Nankya has appeared severally in public preaching the gospel in the village while calling residents to spare time to visit her home for prayers.

Mariam Kabedda, a resident of Kikubankima appeals to mothers to share the challenges they face while raising their children other than resorting to inhumane behavior. Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson says that investigations into the matter are ongoing.



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  1. Is the public aware of the early picture of mental illness?

    On TV the grandfather of the deceased children reported that the daughter inlaw had recent mental illness;

    Another lady reported she( mother of the deceased children) had got agitated on learning that the husband had another spouse

    Let there be enhancement of community psychology activity

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