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Woman electrocuted in Buyende

Buyende, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A woman was electrocuted in Buyende district Tuesday while drying her clothes on wire lines reportedly carrying electricity to her house. The deceased is 24-year-old Evelyn Namulondo, a resident of Iringa village in Nkondo sub-county.

Eyewitnesses recounted hearing a loud blast before seeing Namulondo collapse to the ground. Some of the residents acted fast and switched off the electricity to prevent further harm, as the accident happened in a densely populated area.

Zainab Nabirye, who witnessed the incident, warned others not to gather at the scene to avoid exposing themselves to potential accidents. Nabirye explained that the area has experienced minor accidents, mostly involving children, over the past three years.

However, because these incidents were not fatal, little has been done to ensure safe electricity connections for the community. Joseph Muziru, who operates a kiosk in the area, said that many people have opted for underground power connections, which pose a safety risk.

Muziru also pointed out that the culprits often use exposed wires to connect power unofficially within the community. He emphasized the urgency of addressing this issue to prevent further fatalities. Fred Byabagambi, the Nkondo LC III chairperson, explained that they have been actively educating communities about the dangers of illegal power connections.

However, since the connections are relatively inexpensive, some individuals continue to disregard safety warnings. Byabagambi noted that they are collaborating with police detectives to investigate illegal suppliers of underground electricity.

This is an effort to curb the ongoing safety risks faced by consumers in the area. The Busoga North Police Spokesperson, Michael Kasadha, confirmed the incident, saying that detectives have inspected the crime scene. The deceased’s body has been released to her relatives for burial.



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