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With ‘Waya Waya’ Master KG is living in the moment

Music producer Kgaogelo ‘Master KG’ Moagi’s 2018 hit song ‘Waya Waya’ has gone viral, thanks to another dance challenge

Johannesburg, South Africa | BIRD AGENCY | “Jerusalema” hit-maker Kgaogelo Moagi, better known as Master KG, has once again grabbed global attention after his more than 4-years-old song, ‘Waya Waya’; a tune from 2018, resurfaced to become a social media sensation thanks to an accompanying dance challenge.

What began with a simple musical beat in his grandmother’s house in Calais Village, Limpopo in 2018 bolstered music producer Moagi on his musical journey – and international stardom.

According to Moagi, a casual beat-making trial with his computer gave birth to what later, with the help of Team Mosha, was released to being the latest dance craze, ‘Waya Waya’.

“It all started in the village, in my grandmother’s house in 2018, when I was just playing around with the computer and I made the beat,” said the soft-speaking award-winning artist.

While reminiscing about the process of making ‘Waya Waya’, Moagi appreciated the humble beginnings of the song whose YouTube views have surpassed 16 million views and which has also seen massive uptake on other social media platforms.

While the 16 million views “Waya Waya” has registered on YouTube are far lower than the five hundred million views realised by his signature tune “Jerusalema,” the passionate producer attributes the success of his music to social media.

“Social media is such a powerful tool these days. Our music is being able to travel faster than ever before,” said the 2021 South African Music Awards winner.

The 26-year-old however believes in connecting with audiences more intimately by offering them unique music that impacts them at a personal level.

“I feel like the world loves unique things,” he explains with a smile.

Moagi appreciates the positive feedback he receives from his fans many of whom cite personal connections with his music – beyond listening and dancing.

“When I hear those messages, those make me happy because it means that it is not only making people dance but is also connecting with their personal stories,” he noted.

The trophy cabinet in his home studio announces his success and massive impact. ‘Master KG” confirmed he is ‘living in the moment’ and yet is full of pride and hope for the future.

“I’m living my dream. The material things are just a bonus. But I’m living my dream because I always wished for the world to just listen to my music. That’s what I prayed for day and night.”


SOURCE: bird story agency

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