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We shall work with or without being gazetted-Jude Mike Mudoma

Jude Mike Mudoma

Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Jude Mike Mudoma has vowed to continue working at the cultural head of Inzu Ya Masaba whether or not government gazettes him. Mudoma is one of the two people claiming the throne of the Bamasaba cultural institution following his election by a faction of clan heads under, Nelson Wedayira, the embattled speaker of Inzu Ya Masaba.

The other is John Amram Wagabyalire, who was elected by the cultural council under the stewardship of the deceased Umukuka II, Bob Mushikori. However, the Gender, Labor and Social Development Ministry has declined to gazette the duo until the dispute on the legitimate successor to Mushikori is resolved.

In his April 6, 2021 letter, the Gender, Labor and Social Development Minister, Frank Tumwebaze asked the warring factions to exhaust all avenues to resolve the disputes as provided for in the traditional or cultural leaders Act 2011 and present evidence to his office that they have agreed one person.

Tumwebaze’s letter came barely two weeks after a reconciliatory meeting chaired by the Cultural Affairs  State Minister, Peace Mutuuzo resolved to gazette Mudoma drawing protests from Wagabyalire’s camp. However, Mudoma says Tumwebaze has no choice but to gazette him as the new Bamasaba cultural leader because he was rightly elected. 

He told journalists in Senior Quarters in Mbale City over the weekend that they started working from the day of his election. Mudoma accused Wagabyalire’s camp of trying to force him out after his successful election as the Bamasaba cultural leader.

He revealed that they have already replied to the minister explaining that Wagabyalire was illegally elected from resolutions in a meeting held in Kenya, which are invalid according to the opinion of the Solicitor General. 

James Kangala, the Secretary-General of Mudoma’s faction, said that the most fundamental aspect in Mudoma’s leadership is that Article 8.2 of Inzu Ya Masaba stipulates that the Umukuka assumes office the very day he wins an election.

Vincent Weboya, the Budadir East Member of Parliament, says that as leaders of Bugisu  they are concerned about the leadership wrangles in the Inzu Ya Masaba. He says as MPs from Bugisu they plan to table a motion in Parliament seeking an explanation from the government why it has failed to gazette the legally elected Umukuka.

He wonders why Tumwebaze rubbished resolutions from the reconciliation meeting chaired by his Junior Minister. Peace Mutuuzo.

Some top Bugisu politicians like Energy Minister, Goretti Mary Kitutu have called for fresh polls to resolve the leadership wrangles in Inzu Ya Masaba. She recently told mourners in Bududa that she had brought the dispute to the attention of the president and proposed fresh elections to resolve the wrangles.

Wagabyalire’s camp has also backed calls for fresh elections to resolve the wrangles.



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  1. Mwenayo! Mulembe! I think the Hon.Minister Mr.Tumwebae should know that his state minister is able to handle what she did. When he rubbishes what she did to me it implies there is influence peddling pointing fraudulent intentions. Mr.Tumwebaze is being hood winked to do the acts to bring dark ages in Bugisu region. We cannot allow people with daited background to unleash dark moments in Bugisu. We cannot allow clans and people who are not meant to lead our culture to front themselves as pure Bagisu to lead us,. People from daughters cannot lead cultural events in Bugisu and elsewhere in Africa except among the ZUlus only. We shall detest whoever brings sorry stories to us as Bagisu. Women do not preside over our cultural events except they only listen. our nephew of Buwalasi clan are actually of Nagwere clan and descendants of Nagwere who married a Mugisu daughter hence the Bawalasi clan. As for wepondi is just a masquerader son of imbiko . why is because his grand father fathered is father from his sister so is the confusion. his grand father slept wth his sister to produce wepoindis father. so judge for your self. question? why is BHCU denied arabica coffee export licence?
    Wele abalinde mwetsizanah

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