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We shall not leave our assets for the city – Mbale LC V chairperson

FILE PHOTO: Mbale municipality to be elevated to a city tomorrow.

Mbale, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Mbale district will not relinquish its assets to the proposed city that is scheduled to be come into force on July 1, 2020, the LC V chairperson Bernard Elly Mujasi has revealed.

He disclosed this while addressing councilors shortly after voting on the relocation of Mbale district headquarters to Busoba sub county.

Mujasi who tabled the government recommendation to relocate the district headquarters to Busoba sub county said that whereas they have finally found a new home, they will not move until government constructs for them offices adding that they will not leave any of their assets for the city.

He explained that the city can’t just inherit their assets without compensation.

Mbale officials have been embroiled in a controversy over the new headquarters since the decision to elevate the municipality to a city.

The dispute split councilors leading to a fierce fist fight in the last council session held at Mbale Secondary school in May this year.

It took the intervention of the Trade State Minister Michael Welikhe Gafabusa to convince the councilors to reach consensus and agree to locate the district headquarters to Busoba sub county.

However, the council resolution hasn’t gone down well with voters from Bungokho North constituency who followed the proceedings in the gallery.

Yunus Gibezi, a resident of Bufumbo sub county accused the council of marginalizing people from Bungokho North because of their numbers.

He complained of unfair distribution of services saying most government projects and jobs end up in Bungokoho South where Busoba sub county is located.

Sulaiman Walumu also from Bufumbo sub county said it will be hard for them to skip Mbale city to seek services from the new headquarters.

Josephine Lunyolo, the Busano sub county female councilor said they chose Busoba sub county to host the district headquarters because it is in the center of the two constituencies.



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