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We are prone to hunger- Katakwi leaders

FILE PHOTO: Family sharing a meal

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Katakwi district authorities have cried out to the central government for food aid to citing several calamities that have affected production.

Katakwi district has been affected by desert locusts twice. It also suffers from other calamities like flooding, excessive heat during drought and Karimojong cattle raids.

According to the authorities, about half of the population in urban centers is unable to access their gardens in the villages due to the Covid-19 lock down and new wave of attacks by the Karimojong along the border areas.

Seraphine Alia, the Katakwi Chief Administrative Officer told our reporter that close to 140,000 people in the district are already vulnerable to hunger.

Katakwi with a total population of more than 189,000 people has already registered a number of people unable to afford a single meal a day due to the COVID-19 lock down.

Walter Elakas, the Katakwi District chairperson says he has written to the Office of the Prime Minister highlighting the plight of his people.

Elakas notes that much as people are planting, the recent invasion of locusts destroyed a few gardens of rice and millet in Toroma sub county.

Over the years, some communities in Katakwi have been dependent on food donations from government due to floods and other calamities.

Last year, a number of farmers incurred losses when the area was battered by torrential rains.



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  1. Every district in Uganda should be having covid19 pandemic virus taskforce for food supply because UPDF soldiers will not go house to house you know that people in remote areas have no food?take example of my district kabale ever they’ve famine and prime minister and minister of preparedness should think about them! to select people in Urban areas only its not true,you’re thinking as if they’re not useful to the country! if it is buy outside Uganda food government should do it because even they’re voters. what if it was possible, no one is supposed to be left out because all are Ugandans. what’s main role of an mp to the constituency or municipality? do these MPs go back to visit their voters during recess?even the money they give them to develope their constituencies they consume it. for them they develope themselves but not the places they comes from.

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