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‘Welcome Mwandha, well done Seguya’

ATC News by Wolfgang H. Thome: Change at the helm of the Uganda Wildlife Authority

Kampala, Uganda | WOLFGANG THOME | News emerging from Kampala indicates that Sam Mwandha has been selected as the new Executive Director of the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) as Dr. Andrew Seguya prepares to step down from this role.

Andrew took over at UWA when the wildlife management body was in disarray from the fallout caused by bad board leadership that at the time tried to assume executive functions, in the process almost destroyed both reputation and functionality of UWA.

Dr. Andrew, who was drafted in from sister body Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, first in an acting capacity before getting his formal appointment.

He then had to bring calm and common sense back to the organization, a task which he accomplished despite at times – and often entirely unwarranted – critique from outsiders with little understanding of the challenges UWA faces in their day to day work.



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