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UWA heightens deployment in Upe Pian game reserve to curb poaching

Two rangers moving with anti-poaching dog in the game reserve. File Photo

Nakapiripirit, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The Uganda Wildlife Authority-UWA has heightened deployment in Pian Upe game reserve to fight against massive poaching and illegal grazing.

James Okware, the senior warden in charge of Pian Upe game reserve says that despite the continuous sensitization by UWA, residents have continued poaching animals and entering inside the reserve to graze their animals.

He said the rangers have been deployed to carry out daily patrolling of the game boundaries.

Okware said the Karamojong and the neighboring Sabiny community have launched massive illegal poaching of animals which include dikas, small and big antelopes, birds, and buffalos while using torches to confuse the animal.

He said from January to September, they have arrested about 64 poachers who have since been remanded to Namalu prisons, Nakapiripirit district.

According to Okware, the poachers claim it is hunger driving them to poach. He said they started registering an increase in poaching in April when the region started registering the high cases of people dying of hunger.

Moses Lokiru, the secretary of LCI Namalera village however wants UWA to continue with sensitization meetings so that the community appreciates the importance of living with wildlife.

“Don’t get tired, we must continue sensitizing our communities so that they can live peacefully with the wildlife,“ he said.

Lokiru also appealed to the government to give relief food that can help the starving families survive.

Yacobo Lomuria, another resident said that when families have food, poaching declines.



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