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US imposes visa restrictions on Uganda, sanctions on Russia


Secretary of State Blinken

US imposing visa restrictions on Ugandans for undermining the democratic process

Washington, U.S. | THE INDEPENDENT | The United States has in the last 24 hours imposed visa restrictions to those it says undermined Uganda’s democratic process, and also put new sanctions on Russia. expelling 10 diplomats for alleged election interference and cyber activities.

Despite the sanctions, U.S. President Joe Biden has proposed a summit meeting with his Russia counterpart, Vladimir Putin, during their phone conversation on Tuesday.

Biden is yet to call President Yoweri Museven of Uganda.

“There are consequences for interfering in the democratic process. Starting today, we are imposing visa restrictions on those involved in undermining democracy in Uganda,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said.




The Government of Uganda’s actions during the recent electoral process undermined democracy and respect for human rights. Today I am announcing visa restrictions on those believed to be responsible for, or complicit in, undermining the democratic process in Uganda, including during the country’s January 14 general elections and the campaign period that preceded it.

The Government of Uganda’s actions represent a continued downward trajectory for the country’s democracy and respect for human rights as recognized and protected by Uganda’s constitution. Opposition candidates were routinely harassed, arrested, and held illegally without charge. Ugandan security forces were responsible for the deaths and injuries of dozens of innocent bystanders and opposition supporters, as well as violence against journalists that occurred before, during, and after the elections. Civil society organizations and activists working to support electoral institutions and transparent electoral processes have been targeted with harassment, intimidation, arrest, deportation, and spurious legal charges and denial of bank account access. The government limited accreditation for international and local election observers and civil society, but those who were able to observe the process noted widespread irregularities before, during, and after the election, which have undermined its credibility. This electoral process was neither free nor fair. Nevertheless, we continue to urge all parties to renounce violence and respect freedoms of expression, assembly, and movement.

The Government of Uganda must significantly improve its record and hold accountable those responsible for flawed election conduct, violence, and intimidation. The U.S. Government will continue to evaluate additional actions against individuals complicit in undermining democracy and human rights in Uganda, as well as their immediate family members. The United States also emphasizes that we strongly support the Ugandan people, and we remain committed to working together to advance democracy and mutual prosperity for both our countries.


  1. Uganda has made significant democratic strides that should be applauded and commended and encouraged. There is need for improvement nonetheless on all fronts.

    The November Elections of 2020 in USA, cannot be said to have been flawless. They were infact an unprecedented in modern USA, that shook and rocked the very fabric of that society.

    As much as criticism and advocacy is welcome, the US should learn to hold highly the sovereignty of other countries and cease from influence peddling and bullying.

    For God And My Country.

    • Ofuti Geoffrey Asilea

      Museveni government has done very well in the pass .I don’t know whether it’s greed or what.
      The decision to lift age limit, and term limits have created a big hole in Uganda’s democratic heart.Uganda is now sick.
      Look at the drones,look at abductions,look at killings,look at the disappearances etc
      If you love your country, you are pained by such happening s.
      When shall we be proud of our country again.
      What happened to Mr Museveni really to make him incapable of ruling well.
      If he can’t manage any more why can’t he step down.
      Is Uganda short of capable leaders?
      We are ashamed of what is happening in Uganda now.
      Uganda needs slot of prayers.

    • There was no democracy in the election Mr. DAVID

    • Margaret Nabukenya

      You have got to be out of your mind. Please tell us, how many political prisoners are there currently in Uganda, mostly members of the NUP? Museveni and his henchmen have murdered millions of Ugandans because they deem them “the opposition”. Go on youtube, countless videos of Museveni goons actively shooting Ugandans, committing vehicular homicides against Ugandans, beating peaceful protesters to death on the streets, all for no reason whatsoever, just because they dare exercise their right to a democratic election? Campaigns were marred with countless murders of Ugandans for no reason whatsoever but because they were from opposition parties. What the hell are you talking about “US should stop bullying” blah blah blah, are you for real? Your Museveni dictatorship regime has murdered, imprisoned, maimed, innocent Ugandans and you are talking visa ban bullying? Oooh, because you know if your henchmen are banned from entering the US or Europe, all the monies stolen from Uganda are inaccessible to you, no western world medical care access for any of you, certainly no leaving Uganda every summer to to go live the good life in the US or Europe while millions of Ugandas can’t even afford one meal per day, right? We see you.

  2. Concur with bwana Ofuti, and a recent Monitor interview by the former spy chief – Mr Pulkol sums it all up ‘ These abductions are affecting our image internationally and sending a wrong message that our government is thuggish’.
    Ug government has to take full responsibility and account for all the missing citizens in a transparent manner. The travel sanctions are bound to hurt those affected especially if it’s escalated to the EU. What’s should further worry the govt is if the American economic aid (handout) $1billion is affected, as it has far more serious consequences if the supply of life saving drugs is affected. We are already seeing signs of it with budget excessive tax hikes of everything which is likely to scare away the investors and even upset its own supporters .

    • Just read in the Observer -the the government has issued an anonymous press statement as a response – no name or signature making it difficult to respond to or give it a serious thought. Is this the way to conduct business- no one taking responsibility? The tone of the statement would suggest panic in the inner circles of the government as the relationships including annual $1 billion meal ticket appear to fade away.

  3. typical bullshit

  4. We Ugandans love our country so much and urge for peaceful transition of power. Sanctions is not a bad thing but rather a lesson not taught. These sanctions give us strong reasons to improve and align appropriately. All has not gotten worse yet for those in questions. I believe that these fellows know what to be done because playing hide and seek befall deeds.

  5. Uganda is bleeding we need help otherwise

  6. Uganda deserve the better for really, help needed immediately

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