Thursday , December 2 2021
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UPDF welcomes back rebels from exile

UPDF’s Chief of Military Intelligence Brig. Charles Bakahumura has welcomed back two former officers that fled from Uganda in 2001 and 2005. They are Tom Mujuzi and Mike Kakooza.

Tom Mujuzi, who went in exile in 2001 after he was allegedly accused of rebellion after  having been connected to Mayombo’s death.  He left for South Africa, where he studied leadership and attained a PHD in International Relations and has been acting chairman of Forum of Democratic Change in Southern Africa Chapter.

Mujuzi confirmed, “I fled for my life because I didn’t know the charges put against me and also false allegations put up.  However we have attained a variety of skills and would like to contribute to the development of Uganda and uplift people’s lives once given opportunity.”

Kakooza fled to South Africa in 2005 after he found his home surrounded by military police.

Kakooza said, “It all started in 2004 when I was falsely accused and dumped in a safe house. I preferred a self imposed exile and never saw or communicated to my family again. Currently I am a qualified engineer from South Africa and have been the Secretary General of Forum for democratic Change in Southern Africa.”

Bakahumura assured all those who are threatened should come back home especially UPDF errants because this is their country and they are ready to welcome them.

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