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UPC asks Museveni to sack the Youth Minister

By Aloysious Kasoma

Uganda People’s Congress wants the president Museveni to sack the Youth and Children affairs minister Ronald Kibuule over what they described as an attack on women.

According to the party spokesperson Okello Lucima the minister was quoted saying that women dress indecently and as a result men either rape or defile them.

Lucima said that the minister is deplorable saying that women who get raped and little girls who get defiled deserve what they get because of the way they dress.

“The minister has not only shown that he is disgraceful and unfit to be a minister of government in a modern state which is a member of the civilized nations” he said during their weekly press conference in Kampala.

“Museveni should sack Kibuule, women are people of this country  they do not need draconian laws to impose on them what they cannot wear. It is entirely their choice to make, not the minister’s” he added.

He said that as UPC they think they’re very many things which the government can do to empower women and ensure equal rights that promote access to resources like Land.

He advised the government to develop special programs for young women to remain productive.

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