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Unvaccinated people won’t be allowed in Kampala next year – Minister

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Government will not allow people who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 to operate in the city come January 2022.

The state minister for Kampala and metropolitan affairs, Kabuye Kyofatogabye made the announcement in Kikuubo – the city’s wholesale hub.

He repeatedly sounded the ultimatum in both English and Luganda to ensure everyone gets the message properly.

Kabuye explained that non-vaccinated people being deviants, should operate from elsewhere where there is big work space so that they work without spreading the disease.

The minister stated clearly that people have a right not to be vaccinated, and so they can only be kept away from others and be left to remain unvaccinated without endangering the compliant ones who will remain operating from the city.

President Museveni in his last national address on Covid-19 and security, instructed all Ugandans of 18 years and above  to get vaccinated unless medically exempted, and promised to open up the entire economy whether people are vaccinated or not.

According to the minister, Uganda has so far received more that 15 million doses of vaccine and this is capable of vaccinating millions of people, and a vaccination card will be the requirement for one to access their business.

“A jab in one’s body will be the difference between you and your work in the city, and if you don’t need any disruptions in your work, get vaccinated” the minister added;

The polio immunization drive by government is the other programme the minister rallied the people to embrace. In September, there were positive samples indicating the existence of polio in Uganda, and government is to start immunizing all children below five years though the minister didn’t specify when.

KCCA executive director Dorothy Kisaka who accompanied the minister to inspect the works on Kikuubo lane, reminded Kampala people to strictly observe the Covid-19 SOPs, to avoid spread especially of the new Omicron variant from South Africa.

Kisaka also emphasized the SMART city campaign which is aimed at making Kampala a desirable city from structures, trade order, administration to sanitation. On this, she warned KCCA enforcement officers to stop corruption or else that will be dealt up on.

The chairman Kampala central division, Salim Uhuru, expressed disappointment with the arcade landlords who have dug up the new road which is barely one month old. They did this to connect their buildings to utilities. Uhuru requested the executive director to enforce and make sure these landlords restore the road at their own cost.




  1. Enact legislation to that effect before you just talk.
    Museveni has really gifted us MINISTERS!

  2. That Villager will be sued to hell and back under the Nuremberg Code… It Shouldn’t talk about forcing experimental jabs on fellow human beings before thinking. Mscheeew

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