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Ungrateful Mityana NRM chairpersons belittle Museveni’s bicycles

Nabakooba and Vincent Nyanzi receive the bicycls at Mityana police headquarters

Mityana, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  National Resistance Movement (NRM) chairpersons in Mityana district have challenged President Yoweri Museveni for giving them bicycles.

They contend that it is unfair for the secretariat to distribute bicycles to village chairpersons yet they carry the greatest burden to mobilize and maintain people in the party to remain staunch supporters.

Bbaale Onesm, the NRM chairperson for Katiko B ward in Mityana municipality, says that if President Yoweri Museveni is certain that he has maintained the top chair by the power of the votes cast by NRM supporters, then the LC1 chairpersons would be receiving much more than a bicycle compared to the time the party has remained in leadership.

He thinks that instead of government awarding medals to soldiers who fought in the bush war which ended decades ago, President Museveni should be considering the LC1 chairpersons upon whon his strength to enjoy leading Uganda is currently based on.

Mujwiga Wilson the party chairperson for Bujumbula village also in Mityana municipality says that whereas the village chairpersons are benefiting in the bicycles despite the fact that they are outdated, but the villagers who are the direct voters “don’t benefit in any way”.

Mujwiga wants President Museveni to focus on the people who cast their votes for him and the party to remain in power than looking at the leaders at higher levels.

To Lawrence Kubugu the village chairperson for Busundo A village also in Mityana municipality, many elderly chairpersons do not have the energy to ride on bicycles. He believes that given the trust they command among the villagers; they should be given relatively cheap motor cycles than bicycles.

He also expressed discomfort over party mobilizers who opt to steal the endowments sent to village party mobilizers and the voters.

A total of 612 bicycles was sent to Mityana for distribution to 612 village chairpersons in the district. The district party chairperson Kintu John handed them over to parliamentary NRM flag bearers who would in turn deliver them to sub county NRM chairpersons for handover to the direct beneficiaries.

Kintu heard the pleas from some of the village chairpersons who witnessed the handover of the bicycles and promised to deliver the message to the secretariat. He however warned the beneficiaries against selling the bicycles or changing their color from yellow to avoid being subjected to legal process.

ICT Minister and the district woman MP who has also secured the party ticket to defend her seat in parliament said that government is aware that what the LC1 chairpersons are getting is not enough but urged them to utilize the opportunity of operation wealth creation to benefit from NRM.



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