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UK-based energy innovators to explore energy access markets in Uganda

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Kampala, Uganda | Patricia Akankwatsa | The Department for International Trade, Uganda (DIT) in collaboration with Innovate UK, this week hosted a team of UK companies for a Trade Mission in Uganda to seek partnerships with key Uganda energy companies to realise affordable and clean energy.

12 UK companies from the energy sector used this visit to explore energy access markets in Uganda, to submit project bids under the UK Aid-funded Energy Catalyst programme (ECP).

The focus areas for the visit are next-generation solar technologies and business models, smart green grids and mini and main grid-related technologies, energy storage, including batteries and mechanical storage, low-carbon hydrogen, modern cooking, and low-energy inclusive appliances.

Innovate UK’s ECRP aims to support businesses to develop innovative, sustainable energy technologies and business models to accelerate the clean energy transition in developing and emerging economies.

During the week the team from Innovate UK met with Uganda Investment Authority, and Uganda Industrial Research Institute to understand the investment environment and opportunities in Uganda.

They also visited Mbarara University of Science and Technology, to see the work that is being done on research and innovation from one of Uganda’s leading tertiary institutions.

HE Kate Airey OBE, British High Commissioner to Uganda said that this visit is extremely important to them and presents an opportunity for UK companies to work with Ugandan companies, researchers and innovators to tackle, head-on, the challenges which own affordable and sustainable energy.

“We are proud that DIT, working with stakeholders in the Ministry of Energy, and Uganda Investment Authority.

Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Uganda Industrial Research Institute and Mandulis UK, delivered this visit to ensure business between Uganda and the UK continues in the sector that needs extensive support,”

A key component of their visit will be the energy catalyst forum which will bring together stakeholders from the Uganda energy sector and the UK to discuss potential collaborations. They will also visit Mandulis energy in Nwoya district which owns and operate renewable energy projects in Africa and pioneered private sector-led the deployment of on-grid and off-grid renewable energy infrastructure.

Alice Goodbrook the head of energy catalyst UK, said that their work is all about technology, marketing and supporting businesses.

“We do collaborations and fund companies all around the world,”

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