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UHRC asks public to comply to COVID-19 guidelines

Hand washing is highly encouraged to prevent spread of coronavirus.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda Human Rights Commission has asked the public to comply with the presidential directives and guidelines in the fight against COVID 19.

The Acting Commission Chairperson Dr Katebalirwe Amooti says that the directives and guidelines are backed by law quoting from the 1995 Constitution of Uganda.

For instance, Article 23 of the Constitution of Uganda guarantees the enjoyment of the right to personal liberty but also outlines circumstances under which one can be deprived of personal liberty which includes preventing the spread of an infectious or contagious disease.

Amooti says that the public should appreciate the fact that human rights can be limited for purposes of public order, public health, public security and public morality.

Last week, President Museveni issued directives in which he banned public gatherings, suspended schools and congregational prayers for 32 days.

Amooti condemned non-compliance of the guidelines by some religious leaders, schools and bar owners.

The Director Research, Education and Documentation Byonabye Kamadi emphasized that people have not been denied their rights but rather limited on how they can enjoy them. For instance, one can still pray though not in congregation.

Aidah Nakiganda the Director Complaints, Investigations and Legal Services says while Ugandans are entitled to several rights like education, freedom of worship and movement, these are backed with responsibilities especially in such exceptional conditions and the public should be supportive.

The Commission, however, urged all security agents to respect human rights as they enforce the Government guidelines on preventive measures in line with Article 221 of the Constitution.



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