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‘Ugandans being fed to crocodiles in Thailand’


“You can’t sell Ugandans when we are looking on. On this, there is no compromise. They just take you to Saudi Arabia, move you to some other place like Thailand, harvest your heart, kidney or liver and throw the body to crocodiles”

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Uganda’s Minister for internal affairs Maj Gen (rtd) Kahinda Otafiire has said he is determined to take drastic measures to ensure that citizens going for external labour in Asia are protected from illegal extraction of their internal organs.

Otafiire, who was responding to Uganda Radio Network’s enquiry why of all hospitals in the country he had recently chosen Victoria Hospital to conduct comprehensive internal organ testing for all those going for external labour, said he has been getting reports of Ugandans who are taken under the guise of employment but end up being subjected to criminal organ removal and their dead bodies fed to crocodiles.

Many labour exporters, according to Otafiire have been using clinics to get fake results which they use to take people to work abroad. Once the laborers reach countries like Saudi Arabia, Otafiire says some are taken to other places, and here Thailand was mentioned, where their organs are extracted and then they become food for crocodiles.

“Your job for exporting is to make money; while you are making money, my job is to protect Ugandans,” Otafiire said. “You can’t sell Ugandans when we are looking on. On this, there is no compromise. They just take you to Saudi Arabia, move you to some other place like Thailand, harvest your heart, kidney or liver and throw the body to crocodiles. And you want me to hear that and keep quiet? There I will not go to heaven.”

Nevertheless, Otafiire did not provide numbers of Ugandans believed to have lost their body organs to traffickers or have been killed and fed to crocodiles. In addition, Otafiire did not comprehensively name the places where body organ harvesting is taking place so that they can be avoided.

Judith Nakintu is one of the females who was returned in October last year with the right kidney missing and she is currently in a vegetative state in Mityana district. Martha Apio from Pallisa went to work in Saudi Arabia in 2018 but to date, her family members do not know whether she is still alive or dead.

Such incidents, according to Otafiire, explain that labour exporters are just after making money at the expense of Ugandan lives. Otafiire has promised to do whatever is within his means to protect Ugandans who have been targeted for internal organs.

He warns there will be no compromise with any labour exporter who will not follow the criteria his ministry is setting up to regulate labour export industry. Otafiire in May this year issued a directive to labour exporters to start taking their clients to Victoria Hospital for comprehensive body organ testing.

However, Ronnie Mukundane, the spokesperson for Uganda Association for External Recruitment Agencies, said it is not possible to get fake results because the clinics they use to test all people going for external labour were certified by the Gulf Cooperation Council –GCC.

Mukundane insists instead that it Victoria Hospital as far as they know is not among those that were certified by GCC and therefore they cannot take their clients there. But Otafiire says at the time he issued his May letter, it was only Victoria hospital that met the criteria for comprehensive organ testing. The minister adds that they have given chance all other medical facilities in the country to meet the requirements.




  1. “Silently following🇩🇪, ☹ but do they think the Lord is asleep. Furthermore the Lord is deaf or blind, but if it’s like so then the Lord is soon responding to a prove that is never blind or deaf.”🙏🏻🙏🏻🕊

  2. Hopefully this time the Lord is so merciful enough.
    For such acts over Ugandans it’s really ungodly. ✍🤲🙏🏻

  3. Nabimanya lowland

    People are working for earthly treasures

  4. What is the difference between Ugandans thrown unto crocodiles as food in thiland and those you yourselves have killed due to politicle reasons.
    GOD will catch you one day

  5. So Gen Otafire has remembered there is a God when one dies?

  6. Thanks ministerfor your concern , however I request your ministry to Carry out proper statistics and find out which countries mistreat our citizens so that we can be able to act or put a red light to those countries .

  7. But ask your Ugandan women to stop prostitution. You go to UAE and they are everywhere selling themselves. Every street, they parade their bodies in the evening, in big hotels, you find Ugandans everywhere with all caliber of men.
    It’s a, shame,..

  8. If it were not because of the Otafiire of this country no Ugandan would be fed to crocks in Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam. In other words, while our youths kidneys are being harvested in the Middle East and their bodies fed to Crocodiles in South East Asia; it is the Otafiire of this country who shed crocodiles tears and smile all the way to the bank.

    it is the Otafiire of this country the master of unemployment, responsible for the 87% and increasing unemployment of our youths. Otherwise, why should a retired pensionable Gen Otafiire be doing as Minister of Internal Affair? Why should an active Gen David Muhoozi be his deputy, the Minister of State for the same ministry?

    Why should a retired and pensionable Gen J J Odong be doing as Minister of Foreign Affairs? Why should a retired Brig Gen Alupo be the Vice President? Why should a retired Gen Salim Saleh and multitude of retired, pensionable; one foot in the grave UPDF officers be doing in Operation Wealth Creation Nonsense, when hundreds of thousands of youths who graduate from Agricultural colleges and universities are are penniless and languishing in unemployment?

    What are retired and pensionable UPDF officers doing as political RDC?

  9. Sure?? Who is ambasador of uganda in thailand?? H.E.YKMUSEVENI and AMB.ABBY WALUSIMBI help our people in thailand as usual, waitting…. Thank you

  10. Fake news?? Why ? I hope indipendent uganda can not inform us fake news. How can they spread fake story about their people? Should be true. Ok?

  11. Amb. ABBEY WALUSIMBA & H.E.YKMUSEVENI can not allow that to happen,.. Please check you post..

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