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Uganda supports China on Hong Kong protests


Protestors fighting off tear gas from the Police in Hong Kong


Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The government has said it was concerned with what is happening in Hong Kong.

In a statement issued on Friday evening by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uganda says it “firmly supports the One country, two systems policy of the people’s The Republic of China on the matter of Hong Kong and other areas.”

“Hong Kong is part of China. Hong Kong’s affairs are China’s domestic affairs,” the statement said.

The protests in Hong Kong began in June this year with the locals protesting a proposed extradition law that would have ensured that Hong Kong citizens are extradited to China when they commit crimes.

They rejected that and the law was neglected. However, protests continued with the locals calling for wide democratic reforms.

China has said there are external powers interfering in Hong Kong Affairs and therefore China’s.

Hong Kong was a British colony for more than 150 years. It became a busy trading port and its economy took off in the 1950s as it became a manufacturing hub.

Britain and China reached a deal in 1984 that would see Hong Kong return to China in 1997 under the principle one country, two systems.

Uganda’s statement is significant in an attempt to cement its relations with China. It wants to be seen on the side of China. Uganda borrows most of its money for infrastructure from Beijing in the last 20 years.

On the global play of politics, Uganda’s statement doesn’t carry much weight.

In June while on a visit to China, President Museveni lashed out at western institutions, including the World Bank, for not lending the country money for the railway. He said China was a more understanding country to deal with.

In a statement this afternoon, Uganda said it “objects to any foreign interference into the domestic affairs of other countries [Hong Kong and China].”



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