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Uganda slips further in World Press Freedom rankings

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | “Acts of intimidation and violence against reporters are an almost daily occurrence in Uganda. The security services, which are the leading press freedom violators, often target journalists, arresting them arbitrarily and sometimes holding them incommunicado,” read the entry on Uganda by Reporters Without Borders, which publishes the annual world press freedom rankings.

Uganda dropped eight places in the rankings owing to persistent attacks on journalists by security forces and other authorities. “It is not uncommon for the authorities to intervene directly to block the broadcasting of TV reports.”

RSF added and it made sense as Uganda Communication Commission has continued to target TV stations which broadcast the arrest of opposition politicians.  As a result, Uganda ranks at number 125, a drop from 117 in 2018. The report also took a swipe at a social media tax which it said undermines media journalists and media outlets.

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