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Uganda registers 13 new COVID-19 cases

The 13 cases were identified from the 2,421 samples collected from truck drivers on May 8th, 2020. According to the break down, 7 of the new cases are Kenyans, 4 Ugandans and 2 Tanzanian nationals.

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Uganda has registered 13 new COVID-19 cases, the biggest number in a single day. This brings to 114, the number of confirmed Covid19 cases in Uganda.

The 13 cases were identified from the 2,421 samples collected from truck drivers on May 8th, 2020. According to the break down, 7 of the new cases are Kenyans, 4 Ugandans and 2 Tanzanian nationals.

All the 740 samples collected from the community members tested negative for Corona virus. The Health Ministry, says they have commenced to track the drivers and will inform the public accordingly.

According to Dr. Diana Atwine, the Health Ministry, Permanent Secretary, they are working hard to ensure that the testing kicks off at the border.

“With that we shall be allowing them to leave with their results .We need the support of everyone to get there,” she told URN on phone.

She also called on Ugandans to put wear face masks as Covid19 takes root in Africa, adding that prevention is better than cure. The new cases come ahead of national prayers at State House Entebbe later today hosted by President, Yoweri Museveni.

The total number of recovered cases in the country stands at 55.




  1. The lockdown will still continue as long as the truck drivers are still travelling in and out side of uganda

  2. Am thing the Lock-down is still going to continue
    Honestly speaking.
    Please Ministry of Health
    Please let the the truck drivers be check from there
    countries not in Uganda
    you might even those truck drivers
    that we check we might need to check them
    again after the 14 days

  3. The president can’t close the border because he is using it to transport his milk but at least let the drivers being checked to their countries before they come in

  4. 4m i would think to taste truck drives in their countries not in uganda and 2 put covid 19 machine tasting in each districts to taste any body becoz cases are still in villages

  5. Even though Uganda is a landlocked country and we start this war early, Omululu gwa sente gutusibyekko ekilwadde so let that love for money go away from our heads we shall be in a health country by not allowing any kind of Truck to enter or go out of Uganda. Thank you

  6. we still have aproblem to get covid 19 virus coz ebirori bifuna amafuta ku sheru ya pop oils kafunjo ruhaama ntungamo m7 ur trying 2kill us out of hungry and corona u plan to get their shell not any hwere were not working no food just quarantine 4 what purpose

  7. Adoruti Francis

    Let the East African community come together and start testing their drivers before they start their journey so that each driver sets off after knowing his/her result. If not uganda will still import more calprits.

  8. The Truck Drivers Must Be Checked At The Border And If Found Positive They Should Be Taken Back To Where They Are From.Othewise Covid19 Is Real.

  9. Rasi David Moni

    I think this truck drivers should be investigated right from where they load and and test all the stop overs or stop them from from travaiing for one month for proper PR prévention ànd control of covi

  10. may has registerd the most cases so far…i think this is a bad result

  11. I think the better alternative is to block this drivers and we use what we have for the mean time or otherwise order for an emergency which can be brought by few drivers

  12. Museveni fast started well by telling Ugandans his bush tactic”be quiet and listen”now the direction where the snake 🐍 is crawling inside the bedroom is very clear ,what a hell are u still waiting for.

  13. Bulirukya James Junior

    Testing should be done right before the driver starts his journey to another country and ensure only Covid free drivers drive the trucks to the destinations.

  14. Uganda should put lockdown on truck drivers crossing the boarder then unlock Ugandans.
    I understand cases from the community are rare now.

  15. I think His Excellence is not fighting death among people but he is fighting for his daily income, he stopped us 4rom working! We dont have any away 2 get food. And the trucker drivers are stil entering our country and they are the source of covid-19 let him make bussiness as we are dieing of hunger.

  16. Ejcam Emiru josh

    For sure it’s unpleasant, these drivers should move along with there medical results obtained at there resides, we are at risk….

  17. Kiprotich Denis

    Pedestrians a long borders should still be restricted not to move or cross

  18. At this level community testing is so vital. But if Ugandans who are not sick get to be deployed in neighboring countries to surpot covid-19 testing they are being exposed and thus bringing the numbers up plus inland comunity tests some places have not been reached yet. Trucks should cross once a month. Railway works to commence.

  19. atamtology el tamim

    ya i know de lock down z stil going 2 continue for sure gov z trying his level best but my ague 2 gov iz let them open transport sys for som 3 day to let those people who ar town 2 go ther villages .& distribute food & farming materials for farmers

  20. Kili gasaki okuba abagaga ngatufa.
    Better secure life then financially stabilize with time

  21. phionah kyosiimire

    According to my observations, truck drivers are the ones spreading COVID19 because of going in and out of the countries which are having many cases.there for H.EKataaha should first lock them also we use what we have. otherwise COVID19 won’t be controlled to it’s destiny and how shall we stay in this misery life?????. with God’s protection let the truck drivers be locked down and we start working.thank you

  22. Thanks for your services

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