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Uganda Police to get subsidized treatment for police officers in India

Okoth Ochola 

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  Inspector General of Police, Martin Ochola, has reached an agreement with Rajagiri Hospital in Kochi, India to provide subsidized specialized medical care to police officers.

The two parties will sign a Memorandum of Understanding-MoU this week, according to police spokesperson, Fred Enanga. He explains that the IGP will travel to Kochi for the official signing of the MoU between the Uganda Police Force and Rajagiri Hospital.

While the specific reason behind the IGP’s initiative for specialized treatment for police officers remains undisclosed, reports suggest that some senior police personnel have incurred significant expenses in India, with treatments costing up to Shillings 160 million. According to the source, the IGP realized that police officers were being charged individually for medical services due to the absence of agreements with hospitals offering specialized services at reduced rates.

The friendly charges, police believe, will enable more police officers in need of specialized treatment benefits. A Superintendent of Police in the ICT directorate, shared her personal experience, noting that she had spent over Shillings 200 million on treatment in India. She expressed the belief that an agreement for subsidized treatment could have significantly alleviated her expenses.

Enanga emphasized that the IGP’s decision represents a pivotal step in enhancing the welfare of police officers. He explained that Rajagiri Hospital’s collaboration with the Uganda Police Force will result in medical services being offered at favorable rates.

“It is our vision that every police officer deserves the right to compassion, dignity, respect, and comfort as they work. We are proud of this valuable partnership as it will add to our significant contributions to the UPF’s health services. The agreement will guarantee the delivery of the highest levels of advanced healthcare to the beneficiaries at Rajagiri Hospitals,” Enanga said.

He said that comprehensive details of the strategic partnership and cooperative framework between UPF and Rajagiri Hospital, India, will be shared upon the IGP’s return.



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