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Uganda marks World Diabetes Day


Uganda has joined the rest of the world to mark the World Diabetes Day.

Speaking to journalists, Health Minister Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng said 80% of Ugandans are suffering from diabetes yet unaware.

The country is estimated to have more than 500,000 people living with the disease. This makes them prone to kidney failure, heart disease, blindness, infectious diseases such as tuberculosis among many others.

Aceng said owing to the widespread ignorance about the disease, the government is planning to roll out a programme to spearhead screening of leaders beginning with cabinet and members of parliament.

The official commemoration event was held at Jinja Hospital playground, November 14, including screening for  the disease.

Free checks attracted many.
Free checks attracted many.

Hundreds turned up for screening and testing during the World Diabetes Day celebrations in Jinja Hospital playground.

The increase in diabetes among the locals in Busoga region is attributed to unhealthy lifestyle such as eating unhealthy foods and excessive consumption of alcohol.

The Ministry of Health appealed to the public to change to healthy lifestyles such as eating healthy foods like foods rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits, avoid foods rich in sugars, salts and fats, avoid tobacco use.

They also urged regular physical exercises, regular check ups and asked patients to adhere to treatment.


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