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Uganda to ban sale of alcohol in sachets in September 2017


Government gives alcohol manufactures deadline to stop kavera sachets

Kampala, Uganda | GODFREY SSALI |  Government has given alcohol manufacturers up to  September 30, 2017 to stop the sale of alcohol packaged in sachets.

This is one of the resolutions agreed on in a meeting between the Minister of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives Amelia Kyambadde and members of the Uganda Alcohol Industry Association at the ministry offices in Kampala.

According to officials, alcohol sold in sachets has become a danger especially to the youth because it is cheap and easily accessible, with the smallest sachet of 100ml going for only shs.500. Currently, 75% of the alcohol manufactured is sold in sachets while the rest (25%) is sold in bottles.

The meeting on Tuesday was called by Kyambadde in a bid to address the challenges of excessive consumption and abuse especially the youth. According to officials, the portable alcohol in sachets has resulted into negative personal and social consequences for many due to failure to regulate its use.

Kyambadde noted that although government recognises the importance of the alcohol industry in employment creation and contribution of revenue inform of taxes, the packaging of alcohol needed to be changed from the small sachets which are cheap, easily accessible and easy to move with, to bottled alcohol.

“There is general abuse of the production and consumption of alcohol, which pauses, health, safety, social and environment problem to the entire public and communities – especially the youth”, noted Kyambadde.

She said problems that include domestic violence, youth dropping out of school, traffic road accidents and environmental degradation among others are all associated with abuse of alcohol.

“Such negative effects of the alcohol industry have raised concerns among the public, communities and government, and require to be effectively and sustainably addressed by Government,” said Kyambadde.

The Minister said it is because of the negative effects that Government has decided to impose a ban on the packaging of alcohol in sachets effective end of September, 2017. Manufactures are required to pack alcohol in plastic bottles or glass from that date.

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