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UGANDA: 43 new COVID-19 cases

TIMELY VISIT: Minister of Health Ruth Aceng early this month visited Elegu and discussed with border officials how to tighten checks for COVID 19. Fifteen cases were picked up from the border post today. PHOTO MOH

🔸 43 new cases (truck drivers)
✳ 69,729 UG Tests done
✳ 203 Confirmed cases
✳ 63 Recoveries
✳ 0 deaths

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | A record 43 positive COVID-19 cases were confirmed by the Ministry Of Health on Friday, as Uganda’s tally rose to 203.

It is the highest number of COVID-19 positive tests in a day, and like in the past three days, all are truck drivers. Fifteen of them were captured at the Uganda – South Sudan border crossing of Elegu.

This is the fourth time in a week that a high figure is confirmed on a single day for Uganda, with the previous highest being Thursday’s 21, and 13 a day earlier.

The only positive for the country from the results was that tests from the community for a sixth straight day registered no positive.

The drivers are:

🔺Elegu border post: 15 Ugandans, 9 Kenyans,4 Eritreans
🔺Mutukula border post: 5 Tanzanians, 1 Burundian
🔺Malaba border post: 5 Kenyans, 2 Ugandans, 1 Burundian
1 nationality unknown



  1. Patrick Nabimanya

    We shall unlock ourselves if we continue being locked down while the sick are free to move

  2. I wonder why up to now borders are not closed for the drivers….there’s a sense in which officials are waiting for corona deaths and close borders after getting another budget from coffers. I wait for presidential address

    • Apart from waiting for death, it is clear that our legislators are making good bussines out of the situation. My rare sense tells me that these trucks are bringing in business of the ‘untouchables’ so whether all people die, their business cannot be stopped.
      It hurts to know that government is spending heavily to treat non-Ugandans who are doing good business at the expense of citizens who are starving and dying of would have been minor ailments but can’t access medical services in time due to lockdown. Even quality services are for corona patients, the rest are by the way cases and they die. My sister’s husband died yesterday of such ‘minor’ case. Very sad!!

  3. Uganda should use a relay system on drivers otherwise the whole efforts on covid control.

  4. Thanks so much to our president of Uganda for quick response much as truck drivers are the ones bringing the virus to the country. Please your Excellency fight for your people long live president and long live uganda

  5. Esau Mwine Emmanuel

    But this actually worse were by our Ugandan people are locked indoors when they are not even positive but people who are negative are still moving

  6. Yes ur right Ugandans should be freed and allowed to operate their businesses but under heslth guidelines. Am sure if everyone is advised to put on FACE MASK while going to the public and washing hands regularly, social distancing, the spread of COVID 19 can be controlled. Otherwise Ugandas are can not keep under lockdown for long yet there other options to control the disease.

  7. What about the planned move by heads of state to test truker drivers before crossing any boaders so that we can have clean people to deliver goods. I think it was the Best idea.

  8. Mbyemeire William

    Yes there is no point of us being locked down when were are not seek and the country is not ashamed treating truck drivers of foreign countries and people within the country are dying with other diseases and hungry. Government be ashamed. Release us please to avoid rapture by citizens.

  9. What a game of fraud, Match results for COVI19 Uganda; Thursday community 0: 21 Truck Drivers; Friday community 0:43 Truck Drivers.

  10. I highly appreciate the work being done by the ministry of health. Really you are doing a great job, may the good Lord continue to protect you through this tough season of covid-19.
    My suggestion in as far as truck drivers are concerned is to have numerous drivers in every region ready at the borders such that when one driver reaches his border then another picks from the border to the country and ensure all of them are thoroughly tested.
    Other wise thank you very much and may God bless your work.

  11. Kifefe Christopher

    The whole thing with lockdown has lost meaning because it’s not backed up by other measures.
    How do you allow sick people to cross borders while healthy ones are at home languishing with no income?

    These guys have ran short of ideas and to make matters worse they have closed off their ears to advice.

    God save Uganda

  12. Ohh may God de lord rescue ugandans but please truck drivers !!!! should also be restricted at this rate

  13. I agree with u ,its like wearing adirty cloth after bathe

  14. We shall open our businesses If we continue getting new cases from abroad.

  15. Ongwali john bosco

    Let the government close the boarders

  16. we thank the ministry of health for the efforts so far but lock-down is losing meaning when people who are sick are allowed to move for long distance transmitting the virus for others. unless it is a plan to raise more funds while others are suffering with no income. it is then better to open the lock down and people know how to survive.

  17. Am not happy with our leadership. I know we are trying to struggle with our economy. We have essential things for our day to day life like food. If only we could lockdown completely these trucks, then Uganda would be much safer. Mr president, I you really love Uganda, give it a month of lockdown for all trucks. I say this for the safety of Uganda. For God and my country

  18. Relay system which was first proposed but undermined by our Government was actually the ideal measure regarding the issue of cross boarder truck drivers. The Government should embrace the relay system. The system agreed upon by the EAC is a system of sacrificing our people in the name of saving the economy. The system is; e.g test a Ugandan driver and if he is positive quarantine him, and if he is negative, allow him to cross the boarder where he gets the disease.
    Relaying must embraced if there’s any hope of arresting the situation.

  19. Asasibwe Benson

    The government considers truck drivers more important than voters

  20. This should the taken seriously, its going worse. Those drivers should get there get there results before living the boarder in order to avoid the spread of the virus in the country

  21. Nakigudde Rosemary

    Naye truck drivers we are fed up of you .EastAfrican Presidents please cooperate test your people cos we feel so sad being locked down while you are transporting corona. Mr President and your team you have done a great job but please let those truck drivers be tested and wait for their results at the boarders otherwise our medical team is going to be overwhelmed by the huge numbers of drivers . Ugandans let’s continue prayers God is with us amen

  22. All truck drivers should be screened at there home country before coming to Uganda, am tired of psychopathic countries who feel happy when they export the virus
    Thanks to our government of Uganda for everything you have done

  23. This virus is not going away. It’s the new flu. WHO just confirmed this.
    We have to learn to live with it. Magufuli was right all along.
    As always, a smaller percentage of population dies while the rest get natural immunity and life goes on.
    I hope they realize this soon and stop the lockdown nosense.

  24. Kwarikunda Moses

    I thank the ministry of health and His Excellence for effort towards mitigation of covid-19 in uganda. the governments of east african states should activate relay method of transportation of cargo by drivers or drivers be tested and wait for results at border points. we better have delayed corgo transportation than a long line of coffins in the region. innocent people are suffering at the expence of truck drivers. i see time is coming when ugandans will unlock themselves and we live by “survival of the fittest principle”.

  25. COVID-19 may not cease, but as time passes new measures will b developed to deal with the disease as it has been with other cases(e.g HIV).
    In the meantime as devise sociological and scientific means to deal with pandemic, a cross boarder relaying system should be adopted to suppress the rampant spread of COVID within the region.
    Testing drivers at centers as proposed by EAC state Heads sacrifices our innocent drivers to get the disease across boarders. Its malicious to allow a negative truck to cross the boarder and get exposed to the disease across.
    But honestly speaking, what is very hard about the relay driving that makes it impossible for EAC state Heads to implement!!

  26. I think its better we have truck drivers from both sides of the country one bringing in the container and handed over to the local drivers and goods proceed to their final destination and vise versa,and no allowing any more truck driver crossing the boarder to come to Uganda.Otherwise am seeing no end to this pandemic if our policy makers keep playing “MATATU games”

  27. Lets the healthy ugandans die of lock down & the sick ones from abroad servive from it while they are being treated using our money. am waiting for the budget.

    TOTAL NUMBER INFECTED AFTER 7 DAYS IS 15*6*7= 630 new infections a week and only ,if this family members don’t move and reinfect others .

  29. You have made efforts to protect Ugandans yes and thank you. But don’t you think you are blowing air in a basket at this point? It’s like you are protecting the truck drivers against Ugandans, they are moving freely and working yet we are here suffering.
    “There is something fishy about this covid error in Uganda” You make us think so.

  30. Mbayiha Emmanuel

    O Lord of mercies have mercy upon us and take away this pandemic disease from our mother Uganda🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  31. We need to go to skul coz we a in one place no moving in skul

  32. Had the truck drivers had been stopped earlier, Uganda would now have been free from COVID-19 . but good favor to infected foreigners now have ruined the situation. Had I known is an EXCUSE NOW BUT *BETTER LATE THAN NEVER*. FOR GOD AND MY COUNTRY. GOD HAVE MERCY FOR INNOCENT UGANDANS.

  33. Ugandan government should stop this pretence, why people with the disease are moving freely at the expense of poor Ugandans locked up in their homes ? . As a citizen I want to know what’s the reason behind this ?.

  34. Ugandan president has tried but has been always late to decide -closing the airport was done late and now rumours has it that tycoons can manovors and come back the presdent one day said that money is going to cause Ugandans problems but he meant himself money money money how much do you want the food distribution has ended up in money those in kalantini money eeee God bless Uganda,Mps money kyokka money Bobi once sang it

  35. Johnbosco nkwasi

    Our president should not give up solonger as d ministry of health is too active. But track drivers from abroad should halt. Thx!

  36. Everything MUST go back to normal the way it was. People are dying of hunger and we are prisoners in our own countries while foreigners are entering. The government is not taking this pandemic seriously if we had closed our borders at the same time this lockdown had begun we would have been free by now. Landlords want their rent money and teachers are not getting paid as much because students are learning from watching TV or having a parent do the job. Please Mr.President, close the borders for the safety of our country. There is no reason to keep us in lockdown when we are all following precautions and doing our part staying home. Lockdown shall not help us, the only new cases being reported are coming from truck drivers. Within the last 2 weeks or so we have shot up from 89 cases to 224, the government should be ashamed. While the USA has the most cases in the world and is slowly opening up, look at Uganda being closed for no apparent reason. FREE US!! STOP THE LOCKDOWN!! OPEN JOBS!! OPEN SCHOOLS!! EVERYONE SHALL REMAIN SAFE AS LONG AS THE BORDERS ARE CLOSED AND WE FOLLOW THE RULES OF WEARING MASKS, SOCIAL DISTANCING, FREQUENTLY WASHING HANDS AND SANITIZING, ETC. SET US FREE MR. PRESIDENT! STOP THE TRUCK DRIVERS FROM TRANSPORTING CORONAVIRUS INTO THE COUNTRY! THIS LOCKDOWN MUST COME TO AN END AND SO MUST THE CARGO!!!!!

  37. The option of testing these truck drivers from their countries before taking off to Uganda with their results and retesting them at the border will be the best, additionally their results should be released before them entering the country, those who are negative can continue but those who are negative should be sent back to their countries, otherwise thanks to the government of Uganda for doing her best

  38. We have advised severally that truck drivers must not continue on the ugandan soil, until we are sure that they are fine. But gov’t has given it a deaf ear. We are disappointed. When these driver travel, they stop anyhow, anywhere. And Have envidence about this. Kindly, let gov’t save its peogle from truck drivers. We are not happy!

  39. You should not release those truck driver before results are out. This slow decision making brought massive death toll on Britain. Dr achenget remind theveryone president he listens to scientists keenly

  40. I just wish cases could soot to millions at once that these selfish humans doesn’t give any more excuses of locking us in our own country than feeling the bitter test of these imported cases yet us the inhabitants has no voice to raise against this dictatorship,, we are tired

  41. Schools should re-open?

  42. I believe we are on the right truck. I am interested to know the numbers of Kenyan and Tanzanian truck drivers who were sent home. Did they proceed to be tested at home? Have they recovers or died? If the have recoveredcan we add them to our statistics?

  43. Why should the truck drivers give us hard time in our own land. Plz mr. Museveni, transfer the lockdown to the truck driver at the borders.we are dyi ng of hunger as if president you know not about how much your people suffer.easy the lock down coz for you,you dont earn living by business. MAY GOD SAVE INNOCENT UGANDANS since the covid 19 is a business to the country.

  44. What ar thoz govts doing b4 letting the truckers exit to other countries?

  45. Am still confused and wondering which people advise the president bcoz am not going to blame him but the folks around him. This is too much they really want to tell us that they have no solution to the truck drivers or they want us to conclude that they have aucrifised our country????? This is total bull shit.

  46. Pliz open 4 us Schools coz teachers can keep the Learners safely at school……!

  47. Apart from waiting for death, it is clear that our legislators are making good bussines out of the situation. My rare sense tells me that these trucks are bringing in business of the ‘untouchables’ so whether all people die, their business cannot be stopped.
    It hurts to know that government is spending heavily to treat non-Ugandans who are doing good business at the expense of citizens who are starving and dying of would have been minor ailments but can’t access medical services in time due to lockdown. Even quality services are for corona patients, the rest are by the way cases and they die. My sister’s husband died yesterday of such ‘minor’ case. Very sad!!

  48. What the president should do is to be block truck drivers from entering Uganda, for fort night because Ugandans under lock down are like wasting there efforts, why he needs to know is that there is no gain without pain, so let him close his eyes to so called economy for 2 wks at least as we observe

  49. we are tired of being locked let the president say the final word

  50. Everytime we get close 2 completing lockdown days number of patients increase, gov’t etugambe oba batuwamba

  51. Am just speechless that our gov’t cant feed atleast 30million out of the total population, mbu it can only manage 1.5million, yet posho & beans are very cheap, instead the gov’t is buying cars & saving money in the bank, wake up its too much

  52. Bbombokka Emmanuel

    Remember , the president is God’s ambassador to his people. Like Noah, those who listen to his words will not get the virus .Those who will not follow instructions given will get the covid-19 .so please enter museveni’s Ark (kyombo)

  53. Thanks to the Gov’t but the dpc of koboko is still beating up people and even arresting in people’s homes unprofessionally and the RDC is doing nothing about it please help us .

  54. It’s so sad to see the world in this state in particular Uganda as a country. What pains me is that we’re borrowing a lot of money to treat non Ugandan truck drivers and later we suffer with high taxes to pay the loan, we’re in lockdown becoming poor every minute, others are getting huge money for own purposes, food distributed to specified parts of the country, specific people allowed to continue with business,etc everything is not well my people.
    The gov’t should specify the use of money given to the so called task forces not making noice in town yet people are suffering.
    I’m worried!

  55. Let’s be patient please,there’s nothing we can do,let’s cooperate with the president directives.

  56. I feel that E.A Governments should procure PPE for the track drivers, sanitize and sensitize them on how to better protect themselves just as the health workers at the front line. If the numbers keep on increasing its going to put a strain on the already fragile health system. I thank everyone for the tireless effort to save Uganda.

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