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UCC’s evaluation report on MTN Uganda Ltd 1998-2018

Kampala, Uganda | Ahead of a public hearing Monday of MTN Uganda Ltd’s request to renew its license, Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has released an evaluation report of the telecom complany for the period 1998-2018.

In the report, regulators UCC has conducted an assessment of the extent to which MTN has fulfilled its obligations under the license agreement and the law for the entire duration of the licence.

“The evaluation reveals that MTN has largely been compliant, however there are areas of non-compliance with financial, legal and technical obligations,” the report says.

In accordance with the provisions of the license (Article 3.1) , MTN formally submitted it’s application for a single term renewal of the license for 10 years on October 3, 2017. MTN’s licence is due to expire in October 2018.

The Public Hearing on March 26, 2018 is at the UCC Conference Hall starting at 10:00am.

UCC Evaluation Report on MTN Uganda by The Independent Magazine on Scribd


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  1. Congratulations MTN Uganda upon attainment of close to 28 years of operation in Uganda. As UCC thinks of renewing the licence by Oct 2018_ some concerns need addressing. First, there is a lot of information leakages about customers from the staff. This is especially the concern of mobile money operating firms or customers. The moment you have note than a million on the MM account, then you begin receiving calls from conmen or women, one wonders how they know this if there is no connivance with the staff or technical staff internal??!! Not long ago the Hon Minister and MPs were blocked from their officially registered lunes and friends were fleeced of their money.
    Secondly, MTN Uganda remits 17bn/- every weekend to RSA, how much does the telecom company spend on improving the lives and businesses of the entrepreneurs that deal in their products including mobile money?? Granted the MTN run generates funds for various social causes ranging from cancer, water supply to other health issues but more needs to be done to improve their business SME partners dealing in their products.

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