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UBL graduates 200

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | On June 1, a total of 200 youths graduated from Uganda Breweries Limited Learning for Life program, a partnership with Diageo Bar Academy, Light for the World, and Enterprise Uganda.

Through this program, the youths have been trained and equipped with business and hospitality skills which increase their chances of finding employment in the hospitality industry. Uganda Breweries Society 2030 sustainability action plan aims at a sustainable and inclusive world by 2030 for all to create a purpose-driven business that succeeds in the long term.

Their commitment to inclusion and diversity is to ensure 50% of beneficiaries from the brewery’s community programs are women and that these community programs are designed to empower underrepresented groups in various communities.

Unlike the previous years, a lot of focus was put on women and persons with disabilities because with the already existing burden of income inequality, women and persons with disabilities continue to face many barriers in society and this puts them at a greater risk of poverty due to limited negotiating power to acquire employment.

Among the 200 in this year’s intake, 50% were women and 10% were persons with disabilities according to the company’s Managing Director Andrew Kilonzo.

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