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Mwenda wrong on free speech

  No society has absolute freedom of speech but criticising Western liberal societies is lazy journalism COMMENT | JACK PINTO | Refer to: “The illusion of free speech: How the war in Ukraine demonstrates the poverty of freedom of the press and speech in Western liberal democracies” (The Independent Oct.11). …

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Mwenda wrong on real problem of Uganda

The contradictions in his arguments and the contempt he holds Ugandans in, especially the educated, is striking COMMENT | JACK PINTO | Refer to: “The real problem of Uganda: Educated Ugandans can’t see they don’t need a perfect policy environment to become prosperous” (The Independent April 21).  I open Mwenda’s …

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The Ukraine tragedy

Rebutting Andrew Mwenda’s attempt to intentionally or unintentionally distorts facts to suit his arguments COMMENT | JACK PINTO | Refer to: “The Ukraine tragedy: How America is dragging the world to the brink of nuclear annihilation in a matter of no strategic interest to it” (The Independent March 04). In …

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