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One person dead after Swift Safaris bus explosion in Mpigi

Police have confirmed one dead on a Swift Bus today

Mpigi, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT & URN | There has been an explosion on a bus belonging to the Swift Safaris Limited at Lungala in Mpigi. Police confirmed one person is dead and scores injured in the  suspected bomb explosion on Masaka road.

The remaining 37 other passengers were safe plus the driver. The Police are investigating whether the person blown up was the one carrying the bomb.

The incident involving the bus registration number UAU 989T took place at around 5:20 pm. The bus was heading to Bushenyi.

Faridah Nampiima, the Traffic Police Spokesperson says that among the injured is Kityo Mwanga, the Regional Police Commander -RPC for Greater Bushenyi.

She says that they are yet to establish what exploded.

“We need to investigate what exploded, we have secured the scene and investigations are on-going,” she said.

A team of bomb experts have been dispatched to Lungala, along the Kampala-Masaka highway, after the  deadly explosion. The bus was traveling from Kampala to Bushenyi.

On Saturday night, an explosion occurred at a small eatery Georon next to the famous Digida Pork joint in Komamboga. The explosion reportedly one person dead and three injured.



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