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Suspect pins police on crime

At a press conference where he appeared before the Inspector General of Police Kale Kayihura, Juma Muyirwa a suspect in the killings in Masaka, revealed that the meetings of thugs who have been carrying out killings in Masaka, Kampala and Wakiso are coordinated and guarded by police.

Muyirwa said the meetings at hotels and other places in Kampala are well guarded by police patrol cars. Muyirwa said he has commanded a criminal gang of about 30 members in the past.

The gangs in Masaka and surrounding areas have killed over 20 people in the last few months and are suspected to be behind the distribution of leaflets in the same areas warning locals of impending attacks.

The revelation by the suspect comes two months after President Museveni said that the police is infiltrated by criminals. On a related note, some lawyers have criticized Kayihura for parading suspects before the media, arguing it takes away their right to be presumed innocent.

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  1. We are satisfied, just as the end of Bazillio and Okello Lutwa junta retired, the change will happen, it’s only time. No need to waste valuable time and energy to this bad achievements of the UPF and those who believe will outleave their mortal life as supernatural homosapiens.

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