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St Augustine Makerere moots single’s club

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | St. Augustine Makerere University Chaplaincy Christians are planning to establish a Singles Club to help unmarried individuals find partners in a convenient and appropriate environment.

Octogenarian, Father Makoboza Charles Lwanga, is behind the idea of the Catholic Singles Club Makerere University. He believes that the club will provide a more suitable approach than using unorthodox avenues to search for a partner.

According to Fr. Lwanga, the objective of the club is to help unmarried Christians meet fellow Catholics who share similar values and beliefs. The Catholic Church generally supports mixed religious marriages, but complications can arise for both the Church and the individuals involved.

The club will provide an opportunity for members of the congregation to find a partner with whom they share a spiritual connection. The launch of the club is scheduled to take place on April 16th, 2023, with registration starting at 2:00 pm at St. Augustine Student’s Centre Hall, followed by the official launch at 3:00 pm.

Fr. Tony Akena, a missionary priest at the St. Augustine Makerere University Chaplaincy, who is also involved in the club’s formation, believes that many people feel rejected and alone in the world, while others are actively searching for a partner. The club will provide an opportunity for them to meet and form meaningful connections.

While a popular program, Abanoonya on Vision Group’s Bukedde Television offers a similar service to prospective and searching partners, the Church approach is different. The program features individuals who talk about their hobbies, characteristics, hobbies, wishes and the nature of the partner they would like.

They usually provide their cellular contacts for anybody interested to get in touch. The presenter usually ends with a disclaimer indicating that the station is not responsible for whatever happens in the course of a relationship initiated from the platform. Indeed, many have got serious wives and husbands by responding to the searchers featured on the platform.

Others have however been fleeced by unserious and exploitative pretenders. Father Akena feels that as opposed to the disclaimer of responsibility, the Church would always be there to shepherd couples who have bonded from the club.

Prossy Namuyaba, a congregant at the Chaplaincy welcomed the club but added it may not be devoid of creating unfaithful partners. However, many of the congregants were excited about the club and expressed anxiety to join it.

Church leaders say mixed religious marriages cause parenting problems as at some point partners begin drifting, leaving the children in a dilemma of a spiritual path to take. They also argue often times if the Catholic parents are not spiritually strong, the children also end up not spiritually well grounded, leading to taking on unacceptable behaviors.



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