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Soroti leaders want youth with business experience to access YLP funds

LCV Soroti Michael Egunyu

Soroti, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT  |  Soroti district officials have asked the government to review some of the requirements for the youths to access the Youth Livelihood funds.

This follows lower recovery rate of YLP funds disbursed to 114 youth groups in the district.

Since 2014/2015 Financial Year, the district has received 956 million shillings but managed to recover 229 million shillings.

Moses Esatu, the Focal Point Person of YLP in Soroti District says eight groups from Soroti, Gweri and Tubur sub-counties have failed to remit any money to the treasury since they received the grant. He explained that even after arresting more than 25 group leaders accused of mismanaging the funds, the situation has not changed.

Esatu wants the YLP funding to be restricted to the youth with some experience in business or any enterprise management. He notes that several groups have lost members as people disappear after receiving the cash.

Currently, any person aged 18-30 years qualifies for the YLP funding provided they are registered in a youth group.

George Michael Egunyu, the LCV Chairperson Soroti faults the low recovery of YLP funds to attitude and bad morals. He says some youth like spending without working hard for the money.  

The YLP is a government programme, targeting the poor and unemployed youth across the country. The program gives up to 10 million shillings to the youth as a revolving fund and the money can be returned without additional charge within the first year. However, after one, the money attracts 5% service fee for the total period of three years when all the money is expected from the treasury. 

Daniel Echodu, one of the members Aukot United Piggery Project in Gweri Sub County says they were affected by Swine Fever that killed all the pigs in the sty.





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