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Soroti christians shun scientific weddings

Rev. Napthali Opwata, Provost St. Peter’s CoU in Soroti Diocese.

Soroti, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |  Christians in Soroti and other parts of Teso sub-region have shunned Scientific Weddings, a concept adopted with the outbreak of Coronavirus disease. 

The concept started with a ban on public gatherings in March 2020 and a suggestion by president Yoweri Museveni that people can abandon what he called hexagonal weddings in favour of ‘scientific weddings’ with only a few people in attendance. They were more popular in Kampala. 

But no wedding has taken place in Soroti Since the pronouncement four months ago. Rev. Naphtali Opwata, the Provost at St. Peter’s Church of Uganda in Soroti Diocese says all the planned weddings were immediately postponed by couples, many of them believing that scientific weddings contradicted the social norms in the region.

URN has established that although the advent of scientific weddings started during the lent season for the Anglican and Catholic faiths- where no weddings or baptism takes place, several wedding preparatory meetings were ongoing. But according to religious leaders in the region, many of the planned weddings were cancelled.

Sarah Amuge, who was supposed to wed in June at Pamba Church of Uganda says that her parents and friends could not stand the idea of a scientific wedding since it would deny them the opportunity to enjoy the day.

“In life, a wedding is among the few functions that bring people together. I feel the scientific wedding denies people a chance to celebrate with you. It’s not yet in our blood to accept that this can happen without relatives and friends”, she said.

But Fr. Robert Echogu, the Vicar General of Soroti Catholic Diocese says that there is a need to change the mindset of the Christians to accept that weddings are meant for two people, for spiritual growth.  He explains that some of the Christians have mistaken weddings as shows and entertainment for the community. 



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