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Solar powered street lights installed in Kapchorwa municipality

Newly installed automatic solar street lights.

Kapchorwa, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | Solar-powered street lights have been installed in Kapchorwa municipality.

Two hundred lights were installed by China Construction Company Limited. The installation is part of the project for the construction of the Bukwo-Suam road. Each solar street light pole has a lightning arrester, an inbuilt solar panel, and earthing system.

The solar lighting project has excited some residents who have often in the past feared operating in dark spots. In areas where the lights have been installed, small businesses such as those dealing in second-hand clothes and vegetables have cropped up.

Benna Yariwo, a resident of Sosho cell in Central Division, says that before the lights were installed, the business community used to close at 8:00 pm for fear of being attacked by thugs.

“Thieves always take an advantage of the darkness to execute their acts, but at least there is light in the town,” says Yariwo.

Silas Chemonges, who operates a shop says he is now able to continue operating at night because of the lighting along the roads.

“I used to close the shop at 6pm, but now I can continue up to midnight,” he said.

Silver Cheptoris, another resident says that the street lights will address insecurity which has been common in dark spots putting the lives of the road users at risk.

Shedrack Toskin, a boda boda rider in Kapchorwa municipality says that he is hopeful that cases of motorcycle thefts will reduce following the installation of the street lights.

Fredmark Chesang, the Sipi regional police spokesperson says the street lights have helped Close Circuit Television (CCTV), and have clear night monitoring.



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