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Security tight at Gen Tumwine’s home


The UPDF Soldiers deployed at Gen Tumwine’s Home. PHOTO URN


Kazo, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | There is heightened security at the country home of the late former Security Minister, Gen. Elly Tumwine in Mukuru Village in Kazo district ahead of his burial on Tuesday.  A top security officer told our reporter on condition of anonymity that they have set up four security checkpoints from the main road to the deceased’s home.

At least 2 police officers backed by between 3 and five soldiers are meaning each checkpoint. The officers are searching vehicles and people accessing the deceased’s farm. Denis Nahurira Rwamunyoga, the Funeral Organizing Committee Chairperson, says that they resolved in the last burial preparatory meeting to increase security around the deceased’s home because they expect high-profile mourners.

Tumwine’s body is expected to arrive in Kazo district at around 3:00 PM today via helicopter. According to Rwamunyoga, the chopper will land Rwemikoma Primary School playground.

Ham Tusiime, the LC 1 chairperson of Mukuru village, says that the heavy deployment around the Mukuru Village might scare away some mourners. He says that during their preparatory meeting they had planned for about 6000 people but the number might reduce due to the deployment.

Emmanuel Kaimustya, a resident says the heavy deployment is scaring away the local people who are not used to soldiers who are using Kiswahili and English, which many local people don’t speak.


The Mission Department of North Ankore Diocese has eulogized the late former Security Minister, General Elly Tumwine as a true Man of God in Army Uniform. Gen. Tumwine, who succumbed to lunger on Thursday last week was a member of Mukuru Sub Parish in Rwemikoma Archdeaconry North Ankole Diocese and a member of the Mission department of the Diocese.

Venerable Rev Benon Mbaraire, the Archdeacon of Rwemikoma Archdeaconry, says that Gen. Tumwine embraced salvation at Mukuru Sub Parish where he converted and mentored many people. He explains that apart from knowing Gen Tumwine from his military life, he was a good Christian, a leader, a mobilizer, and a missionary.

He noted that it is unfortunate that they have lost a pillar of this parish and in the greater North Ankole Diocese in general. He revealed that prior to his death, Gen. Tumwine had started on the project for the construction of new buildings for Mukuru Church of Uganda and had opened a construction account with Shillings 4 million and pledged 10 cows.

He said that Gen Tumwine was born in a family of Christians and his parents were among the Christians that started evangelism in 1947 in the greater Burunga sub-county. Venerable Rev Benon Mbaraire, says that the late Tumwine was fond of saying that he had never seen a gun that can hit a sin apart from God.

Kosiya Kutesa, the head of laity Rwemikoma archdeaconry, said that he met Tumwine in 1960 in school at Burunga Primary School, and they remained friends. According to Kutesa, Gen. Tumwine was short-tempered from his childhood in school but quick to solve his grievances and problems with anybody, noting that he appreciated everybody and would pick up a phone call from everybody.

He explains that because of his love for the country he would make it a point to preach patriotism at every function whenever he got an opportunity to speak and support all the people.

Dan Nahurira Bamunyoga, a Christian, said that because the late Gen Tumwine was born and raised in the church, the Bishop decided that all church services be held at his residence. He said that the late Tumwine has for many years been giving the diocese Shillings 12 million every year for the mission department to spread the Gospel.

Gen Tumwine,68, served in several capacities including Army- Commander, Member of Parliament, Director General of External Security Organisation, and the Ministry of Security.



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  1. I don’t see any problem with deployment if the intentions are well explained to the locals by their local leaders. The late was a person of honour and people of different designatorie are expected to attend his burial.The challenge is how is the information reaching the locals and the message itself.

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