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Security seizes Kyagulanyi’s nomination documents, CCTV camera monitors

Military van carrying officers after the search at NUP

Kampala, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT |   The National Unity Platform (NUP) has confirmed that several documents and items have been confiscated by security from their offices in Kamwokya today.

The party said documents, CCTV camera monitors and documents containing collected signatures required for the nomination of Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu as the party presidential candidate were taken.

Police together with military police and Local defense Units personnel gained access to the NUP offices at around 11am when NUP officials were holding a presser.         

Buganda Ntege, also known as Kyumakyayesu who heads the security at NUP offices said that the security officers who did not come with a search warrant demanded to know what was happening in the offices before they forcefully entered. 

Ntege says that the security was hunting for their party president Kyagulanyi who was however whisked away together with other officials. “When we heard that security had surrounded our premises, we whisked our president away,” said Ntege.

He said the security also confiscated security camera monitors, computers, red berets, party symbols (Umbrellas) and other items found inside the offices.

Joel Ssenyonyi, the NUP spokesperson said after the search that among the confiscated party items includes all documents containing collected signatures required to endorse Kyagulanyi as the party president. Ssenyonyi says that the party lawyers are preparing to take the matter to courts of law.

Ssenyonyi added that even though they have limited time, they will collect signatures before nomination for Kyagulanyi. By the time of filing this story  neither police or army is yet to release a statement about the search at NUP offices.  



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  1. Atanansi Rwakatogoro

    H.E. Tibuhaburwa aka Yoweri Museveni, the 76 year old despot now in power for close to 35 years, is worried stiff that Bobi Wine and his popular party NUP/People Power might unseat from him come 2021.

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