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SafeBoda adds car-hailing service to its portfolio in Uganda

SafeBoda car-hailing services were officially launched on Sept.8 in Kampala by company executives.

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | SafeBoda has Sept.08 officially announced the immediate launch of its car-hailing service–SafeCar in the Ugandan market, adding to its popular boda (SafeBoda) services.

Officials said, the company is bringing its expertise in the boda industry to revolutionize the car and taxi industry in Uganda and Nigeria. SafeBoda believes that the future of urban transportation is about community, supporting drivers to make more money, enhancing their welfare and giving customers a convenient world-class cashless experience.

Rapa Ricky Thomson, the SafeBoda co-founder, and director said, “we are very excited to launch SafeCar in our Super App with a safer, more convenient solution than what is offered in the market. We have talked to drivers and passengers, tested our product, and we are going to change transportation in Uganda forever; we are going completely cashless.”

Under their SafeBoda service, customers use the SafeBoda Wallet to conveniently pay for a trip and do not have to negotiate with drivers as they are paid via their SafeBoda Wallet.

To date, SafeBoda hosts a community of over 27,000 motorbike drivers that transport customers within the Kampala Metropolitan region. Adding the car and taxi driver community will see the overall community grow as many join the company’s mission.

“Car drivers have the same needs as boda boda drivers and SafeBoda can provide a great livelihood for all. Our drivers will be happy and make more money with SafeBoda. We are in the business of making communities thrive and our car drivers will now join us,” Ricky Rapa Thomson added.

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