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S. African president urges cooperation, eradication of corruption

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa. XINHUA PHOTO

Johannesburg, S.A. | Xinhua | Cyril Ramaphosa, president of South Africa and the country’s ruling party African National Congress (ANC), on Tuesday urged all elected members of the ANC to serve the country and take all necessary steps to put a stop to corruption and patronage.

“Our discussions at the ANC conference have taken a firm stand against corruption. We have recognized that corruption within the ANC is a dire threat to the continued existence of our organization and to the future of the national democratic revolution,” Ramaphosa said in his closing remarks at the 55th national conference of the ANC, which started on Dec. 16 and ended on Tuesday.

“We know that these actions may be met with opposition and that they may increase discord within our structures. But, as this conference has recognized, we have no choice; we either deal with corruption, or we perish,” he said.

There were attempts to divide the party but failed, said the president, who urged ANC members to serve the people and enhance unity. “Let us be clear that there is no other reason for us to join the ANC, and there is no other reason for us to seek or accept election to positions of leadership within its ranks other than to serve its people,” he said.

The conference has also discussed how to transform and build a sustainable economy, he said. “We have outlined the steps that we must take to build an economy that serves all South Africans.”

Ramaphosa has been re-elected to lead the ANC for a second term of five years, according to the election results released on Monday.

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