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Recovery of Emooyga funds low in Kitgum district

Kitgum, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | The recovery rate of funds disbursed to beneficiaries under the Presidential Initiative on Job and Wealth Creation program, Emyooga in Kitgum is reportedly low.

The program being implemented countrywide targets 18 clusters in each constituency including Boda Boda cyclists, taxi operators, salon operators, restaurant owners, welders, women entrepreneurs, PWDs, youth leaders, performing artists, carpenters, journalists, veterans, and elected leaders.

Kitgum district received 1.68 billion Shillings meant to be shared equally among the 54 SACCOs from the Kitgum Municipality, Chua West, and Chua East constituency each receiving 30 million Shillings as seed capital.

The Kitgum District Principal Commercial Officer, Alex Opira said out of the 1.68 billion Shillings disbursed to the district, 1.024 billion Shillings was loaned out to 563 associations despite 1,379 associations that had been registered. So far only 184 million Shilling has been recovered.

According to Opira, the reluctance by beneficiaries to repay back the money has frustrated the program’s intended objectives since recovered the funds would be reimbursed to other groups.

Last month, the State minister for Economic Monitoring in the Office of President Beatrice Akello Akori said that beneficiaries should be implored to make repayment of the funds such that other members can benefit from the program since it is a revolving fund.



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