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Rare drinking problem

Marc Wübbenhorst

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | This man needs to drink 20 litres of water per day to stay alive. His name if Marc Wübbenhorst, 35-year old German architect who has to drink at least 20 liters of water a day or risk dying from dehydration.

He suffers from the rare metabolic disease Diabetes insipidus, which causes intense thirst and the frequent excretion of large amounts of diluted urine.

If Wübbenhorst stops drinking water, his body starts to dry out, and he can die of thirst in a matter of hours.

It’s nothing like the thirst a normal person experiences, because it doesn’t go away after drinking a glass or two of water.

His body can’t hold any water, as his kidneys eliminate the fluids almost as fast as he ingests them.

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