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PROVISIONAL RESULTS: Odinga at 51.2%, Ruto at 48.07%

Provisional results as being tallied by Kenya’s leading media house DAILY NATION @NationAfrica (CLICK TO GO TO LIVE RESULTS)

✳ Odinga- 51.26% ➡5,090,491 Votes
✳ Ruto- 48.06% ➡ 4,773,169
✳ Wajackoyah- 0.45% ➡ 44,271
✳ Waihiga- 0.23% ➡ 22,797

Nairobi, Kenya | THE INDEPENDENT, XINHUA & URN | Provisional results from vote counting in Kenya’s general election indicate Raila Odinga holds a slim lead with an estimated 5 million more votes to be counted.

As at about 4.00am, The Daily Nation tally indicated veteran opposition leader Odinga had about 5,090,491 of the votes so far counted, just about 300,000 ahead of Deputy President William Ruto at 4,773,169.

The Daily Nation provisional results are from about 10 million votes counted from 31,530 of 46,229 polling stations, and keep changing every minute as updates are registered. The election body IEBC is however the only one authorized to declare the final result.

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) said about 12 million (56.2%) of the 22.1 million registered had voted an hour to the close of polling, and indications are that it could have risen to about 15 million finally. On the other hand, diaspora voting also happened in 12 countries.

Kenya on Tuesday held its seventh general election since the introduction of multiparty politics in 1991 where  voters lined to elect the country’s fifth president, members of the National Assembly, senators, and county governors.

Kenyans are voting for 16,105 candidates, who are vying for a total of 1,879 elective positions.

The elections were hotly contested, with President Uhuru Kenyatta backing Azimio la Umoja (Resolution for Unity) One Kenya Coalition candidate Odinga. The President fell out with his deputy, Ruto of Kenya Kwanza (Kenya First) Alliance. ■



  1. Who is likely to win Kenyan elections

  2. Mulaavu Daniel k

    Odinga should win because of one unity.
    He has attempted so many times. He has paid a heavy price by supporting that incumbent and former presidents and was almost be falling out
    I thank Kenyans for giving Mr Odinga Raila.

  3. Our fellow luo

  4. Am from Uganda but Kenya has shown maturity in politics

  5. Am ugandan ondiga

  6. Am ugandan ondiga Oyeee

  7. I think Odinga will take di race

  8. Odinga must win he is a good man

  9. Katwaza John from Uganda

    🐧🐧🐧odinga must win k

  10. Am from Uganda, I think Kenya and Tanzania are the only mature countries in Africa. Long live Kenya and Tanzania.

  11. Am from ( Entebbe )Uganda i support Odiga, and am really proud of Kenya in terms of their politics, they have really given me hope

  12. Am opara moris from paidha Town council zombo district Uganda.as am not contented with the results of the election in kenya,cos it’s like they are not considering the votes from the diaspora.


  14. ESSY from south sudan
    AZIMIO(ODINGA) the 5th president

  15. Politics……..just know we as Ugandan we are looking at you people at least to serve with dignity en value of righteousness….
    May be u will be the example to thieves in the government uganda

  16. At least we have witnessed a violance free elections in Kenya ……Kenyans…..as a Ugandan….with all respect I would like to put forward all the Kenyan army forces and also credit them for keeping peace during this tuff time…..salute……!!!!!

  17. Ugandan # Odinga will win

  18. iam a ugandan. I support peace and freedom in KENYA… God knows the next president of KENYA. We are one family, why do we hate our selves just of politics?? Let us wait last GOD’S Answer. Ameen. Obululu tebubaawula…

  19. Bravo to all our elders , brothers and sister of Kenyan thanks for keeping up that good spirit the presidency aways come and go let no politics divided you all. God blessed all Kenyan

  20. i am salim fm uganda its nt my hopping bt according to the struggle he made he deserve reward fm almighty due to severals attempt nt forgetting the current president of kenya uhuru kenyatta for the wonderful brilliant example he shown to some of african presidents that,leaders needs change. lead people and accept to be surbodnate too thx.

  21. I’m from ug🇺🇬 odinga must win..,…ruto and muzee of ug aahhhh

  22. Personally I wish all Kenyans should have voted for ruto. With the little I know about him , is a man of practicals in action. Given his background he understands what majority of Kenya’s are going through and for that matter I pray for his victory to happened . we have tested the fruits of his leadership Within the region of each. Is a promoter of peace and development in the region. Our father odinga can be a very good advisor to the Young leader ruto.

  23. I am Ugandan from agago l think odinga will win this election peace be with one who will won the battle

  24. I’m in South Sudanese National i stand for Democracy William Ruto is will lead the race I pray.

  25. I’m in South Sudanese National i stand for Democracy William Ruto is the right Candidate and will lead the race I pray.

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