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Presidential candidate Mayambala promises to construct modern markets in Kyenjojo

To show his commitment to support traders, Mayambala bought grasshoppers of shillings 1,000 from Kyenjojo central market.

Kyenjojo, Uganda |  THE INDEPENDENT | Independent presidential candidate, Willy Mayambala, on Thursday resumed with his campaigns in Kyenjojo District and promised to construct modern markets once elected.   

Mayambala, who only campaigned in Kyegegwa and Kyenjojo after failing to turn in other Tooro districts due to financial constraints, expressed concern that there was no modern market in Kyenjojo despite the district is about 20 years old.

While moving around different markets including Kyenjojo Central Market in Kyenjojo town council, Mayambala said the traders needed better markets where they can comfortably sell their merchandise without being disrupted by strong sunshine or rain.

At a national level, Mayambala also said that each mother who delivers will be given at least 500, 000 Shillings to ensure enough financial support for both the mother and the baby.    

He also promised to reduce electricity tariffs, saying Uganda cannot generate electricity and the citizens fail to use it because of exorbitant tariffs.  

At Kaihura, the LC I Chairperson, George Magezi, asked him how he plans to handle village chairpersons whom he said to do a lot of work but do not earn a salary.

In response, Mayambala said he would ensure all village chairpersons start earning a salary once he is elected.   However, Mayambala found tough time meeting supporters since he had no specific location for rallies and was simply walking through trading centres.

Also, he was on several occasions asked for posters but he would fail to produce them. He, instead, told those who gathered around him that he is a ‘selfie’ man and occasionally, he would pose for photos with them, saying they should show them to their friends for his visibility.



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